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I Met Two Sexual Predators One Evening (or Power Corrupts)

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I guess technically it is alleged because Tavis has vehemently denied all allegations. These photos was taken during the launch of Tavis Smiley's publishing company Smiley Books.




As the numbers of sexual predators continue to rise and the careers and reputations of seemingly reputable people are deservedly destroyed, it really makes you wonder do all people with an ounce of power abuse it to the determinant of others?


It has been my experience that many successful people will stop at nothing for more money and the power it brings; enslaving people for hundreds of years--cool; commit genocide--where do do I sign up; take people's homes--no problem; give people cancer, you got it.  Taking advantage of others sexually, as bad as that is, pales in comparison.  


It comes as no surprise that anyone willing to do anything for power will abuse it once it has been obtained.


It was interesting to hear the comedian turned Congressman Al Franken, complain, while he was getting the boot, that 45 gets to remain in the Whitehouse for doing more or less the same thing.  Franken reminded me of a child who rats out another kid, who did the same thing, but escaped punishment; not at all concerned with the problem of his own behavior.

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