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Guest Anita Wills

My name is Anita Wills and I am a Writer and Author of 6 books. My first book was published in 2004 and is titled Notes and Documents of Free Persons of Color. Several Years later I revised Notes and Documents and updated the information. My books deal mainly with the communities that my ancestors lived in during the Colonial Period and through the Civil War. Notes and Documents of Free Persons of Color documents the history of Mulattos Coloreds Negroes and Blacks in Virginia. They were a Quasi-free population who were subjected to the racism and oppression of European Whites.  One of the females in Notes and Documents was the granddaughter of William Monroe Senior (The grandfather of President James Monroe). Her mother was a Mulatto born to a white woman and negro man and was indentured to William Monroe Senior.  Her name was Mary Monroe and around 1730 she entered into a Marriage with William Monroe Junior. On February 20, 1730 Mary Monroe gave birth to a daughter also named Mary.  When the child was about 6 months old Mary was Indicted for bastardy by the Westmoreland County Court.  The indictment was thrown out but her marriage was declared void by the courts. Her daughter Mary Bowden was sent to the Washington Plantation when she was 7 years old. That was the beginning of several generations of my ancestors as Indentured Servants to George Washington's' family! The surnames are Monroe, Bowden, Jackson, Pinn, and Lewis and they merged together in Fredericksburg.


After completing and publishing Notes and Documents I have written several other Books including Pieces of the Quilt the Mosaic of an African American Family, Black Minqua the Life and Times of Henry Green, A Nation of Flaws JustUs in the Homeland and Along the Rappahannock the Homeland of the Nanzatico Indian Nation.  All of my books are available through Amazon.com and when you check out my Authors Page please hit Like! 


 Notes and Documents of Free Persons of Color



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