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The Presumptive Democratic Nominee for POTUS, Oprah's New Book Club Selection

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Oprah has a new selection coming out February 6th.  Booksellers are not allowed to sell, loan, or display the book before the pub date.  Right now they won't even say what the title of the book is or who the author is.  All I have is the ISBN13: 9781616208776.  If I knew the author was Black I might consider adding it to my database.  Google say the publisher is Workman Publishing; which technically one could derive from the ISBN.


I can't believe this is that serious. It is just a book...


On another front Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House hit the selves earlier than expected.  I had no intention of adding the book to the site, but my aunt wanted to buy it from me, so I told her not to worry about it I'd send to her as a courtesy.  So I go to the distributor's website and the book is on back order (i.e. I can place an order now, but God knows when they will ship ity).  On top of that my discount is 40% so the book will cost me $18 which does not include the cost of shipping the book to my aunt.


So I check Amazon, Amazon has plenty.  They'll get it to my aunt for 50% off in less than 24 hours!  I'm sure Amazon strong armed (negotiated)  a higher discount, but still they are surely selling the book ast a loss how of a discount can they be getting they'd need to get 70%-705% at least to break even if they are going to to sell the retail the book for 50% off.


While checking my hyperlink I see the price is now 40% off.  It was 50% this morning.


Even at 40% I may as well order by inventory from Amazon and use them as my distributor... If they would ship book without their log on the box I would consider it.  


But I'm boycotting Amazon, so auntie will have to wait ;-)


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