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Afrocentric Books Presents "Afromyth"

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Afrocentric Books, a brand new publisher of fiction featuring characters of African descent, has released its first novel!


We present twelve tales that will transport you from Regency England to post-Apocalyptic Africa. From the lofty branches of a mythical tree to the depths of the underworld, Afromyth explores fantastical worlds through the eyes of characters of indigenous African descent. Meet men who transform into lions and women who transform into birds. Sea creatures, witches, falling stars, fallen gods, and a leprechaun in Alabama. Each story promises an Afrocentric theme, but not all take place in Africa or even in this world. 


Find more information here: www.afrocentricbooks.com/titles/afromyth and, for the month of February, get it at a discount.


Authors: J.S. Emuakpor, Brittney Sankofa, N.D. Jones, Sarah L. Byrne, Clive Tern, Gary Priest, Mallory St. Cloud, James Pyne, Lela E. Buis, Marija Smits, and Darrel Duckworth.




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