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Agreeing to Disagree

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i'm having a cynical reaction to  how the term "God" is being bandied about in  the ongoing discussion about religion and science.   Some people obviously think Christianity has a monopoly on god, having based its religion on someone calling himself the son of god.  Judaism says, "not so".  Islam stammers  "maybe".  Inscrutable Oriental gurus and swamis and lamas have their own version of god in keeping with their cultures and philosophies.  The ancient Greeks figured, "By Jove, we'll create mythical  gods  for every situation!" The Romans chimed in with a "Sounds like a great idea!"  God is moreorless a generic term co-opted by groups who have turned mysterious forces into familiar objects of worship.


I, like a lot of other people, posit that men with ulterior motives have  personified The Universe as a Being who they have created in their own flawed image, subsequently integrating this entity  into belief systems known as religions.  Religions whose credos adhere to the idea that everybody is wrong but us.  


I say all of this to argue that God is not a religion.   Mel, Troy and i have all  advanced the idea that belonging to a religious denomination has nothing to do with one's profession as a scientist. Being a university founded by Christians has nothing to do with what scientific knowledge is gleaned at this place of learning.  It behooves others to separate religious individuals from their secular professions.   Would you consider the findings of a scientific person to be influenced by dough just because he ate bread?  The Forces of Nature stand on their own.  Religion didn't create them, they were simply discovered by individuals who happened to have worshiped  idols.


As someone who embraces the concept of god as a spirit which transcends man-made religions,  the only concession I make is that science and religion are both pillars of society.  


Those who exercise their right to believe differently are wasting time seeking to convert me to their way of thinking. 


And so it goes.





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