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Black Surrender: White Unity

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The political platform of the Republican party used to be the platform of Democrats in 1860 that saw good and bad guys of plutocratic means win elections and policy. Contrary to the state of modern ignorance, elitists wealth served as only an idol for the populists, poor people respected the rich as most capable of leading the country because they were wealthy. Wealthy Republicans who dominated northern States advocated protections for African Americans and advanced social justice which Democrats largely opposed. Tables have since turned.


Today, with both parties having had their turn at the moral code of the human condition plate the (tell all) missing factor is seemingly taking shape where both parties are coming together (gradually) as two parties of one vision, one priority, one voice. Stances and compromises on healthcare, immigration, (middleground) foreign policy, and the white power movement is forcing people to make a choice. Consequently, Congress and institution leaders most all identify as of European origin with only scattered non-white exceptions; all of whom adhere to the call of opportunity either for group or personal benefit.


Jews who identify with their own, or Israel, champion many social causes as opportunists prepared to do whatever is necessary to protect their own.


The likes of Ben Carson, Herman Cain, and even Barack Obama have on occasion (with little or no choice) chosen to dance with the devil to hear the angels sing. ‘Give and take’ to appease a few of the people is second to authoritarian dictator rules for all the people, whether they want it or not. Shrewd, bold unchallenged power bringing together the like minded for common goals or to share a small taste of the American dream is the new bipartisan bribery of politics.


Only time can tell which U.S. platform will prevail in a world where more nations increasingly find democracy a hindrance to progress of their worldview. The common thread being white superiority vying for power among themselves and recruiting non-whites as allies or making them casualties under the guise of ‘survival of the fittest.’


Life has always been one of constant input of varied causes to human existence addressed in kind with varied effects that’s only made matters worse throughout history. Xenophobia or indifference to oddities seems to be the fuel that drives the likes of Donald Trump. Fear drives the people; whether fear for family well being, of hell, poverty, or health, we define the good fight. Others define methods for dealing with them.


This writer is of the opinion that even if aliens attack earth, some with attempt to ally with them to enhance their own power. Is this world even capable of coming together to confront a common foe, or has adversary become too powerful?  Pessimism totally intended!!

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