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Bringing back the Black Fantastci


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Hey y'all!

A few years ago I joined AALBC in order expose my writing to more black readers. After falling off a few years, I'm back. Black Speculative Fiction, or what many call Afrofuturism these days, has been growing steadily during that time, so much so that many of the recent winners of such prestigious scifi and fantasy awards such as the Hugo and Nebula have been black writers, specifically black female writers. And with the release of Black Panther in February, many black readers have been asking where they can find books with the same feel as the movie. It's my hope to expose you to such books and the authors who write them. I hope that eventually AALBC will add categories for such books and writers, but that's down the road. I'm excited, and I know you'll like what you see. Stay tuned! 

abengoni__first_calling_by_djele-d80ewdk (1).jpg

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Hey @Milton welcome back man!  I was unaware that you "fell off" for a few years because I still hear your name.  


Please post a list of ISBN13s for any books I may be missing on your page: Milton J. Davis.  Given your presence on the site and other who write in your genre, the books are here it may just be a matter of presenting them in a way that makes them easier to find.  The site's search engine is one way to find these books.


Another way is the "Top Ten Book Lists" I've been compiling.  Maybe you can help me create a list of the "Top 10 Afrofuturism Books."  I started one for Steampunk and Sword and Soul.  You have books on both lists, but I need help finding additional titles and of course spreading the word.



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