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Guest Marilynn Celeste

i am interested in a review of my novel

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Guest Marilynn Celeste

Hello, I am Marilynn Celeste,  author of the novel "We Took The Long Way Home."  ISBN 978-1-7323440-0-6I am hoping that someone from aalbc will review my book.  Following is the synopsis of the work and I have attached the book's cover via my URL as I don't see another way to attach a jpg.  https://www.thedetroitred.com  Please let me know if you require anything further.  Contact me at info@thedetroitred.com.

Detroit, Michigan is the soulful center of the universe and the adventurous backdrop for 4 high school friends coming of age in the turbulent 1960’s.  ANGELICA TANNER, an only child being raised by her emotionally distant single mother, can’t seem to get answers as to who her father is and why her mother won’t talk about him.  Is he white?  Is that why her grandmother whispers that ‘no decent colored man’ would ever want her mother?  ENRIQUE ‘RICKY’ WILLIAMS, the favorite son of his large family headed by his mom, a Vietnam war widow, wrestles with the burden of keeping his older brother out of trouble with the law.  How will his mom navigate life without him when Ricky takes off for college?  SHEILA DAVIS, though seemingly on perpetual punishment, loves mischief like her chain smoking mama who wears the pants in their family, loves the Lord.  CARLTON MEADOWS, the much hoped-for child of older parents, one a judge, the other a numbers runner working for mobster ANGELO SANTORI, is the socially awkward plus one with a dark side.  Enrique sees Carlton shoot a popular neighborhood store owner, yet he refuses to rat out his friend.  Carlton’s family is not going to let their only child go down for the crime and they find a way to pin the murder on the innocent young man who refuses to snitch.  Ricky goes to prison as the others go to college, with Angelica and Carlton becoming lawyers.  After years of living in Los Angeles and building a successful career on her own, Angelica is wooed by Carlton’s father to come work for his old firm.  She soon finds herself vigorously pursued by Carlton and agrees to marry him, even though their friend Ricky is never far from her thoughts.  Sheila is a newspaper reporter and does a series of articles on prisons and higher education and finds her subject is none other than Ricky Williams, who ends up doing additional prison time for killing an inmate in self-defense.  Ricky literally fights through the brutality of his incarceration and becomes a college educated advocate for his fellow inmates.  Once out of prison he seeks out Angelica, his long ago best friend, the only girl he’s ever loved.  The fact that she is married to the former friend who put him behind bars leaves Ricky doubting everything they ever were to each other.  He knows he should stay away from them, from her.  But he can’t.  They meet and as the old feelings and memories flood in, Ricky decides to spare her the truth, because what difference does it make now?  He warns Angelica that Carlton is not the man he professes to be, and she should find out the truth as he has.  Emotions come to a climax at their high school reunion when Carlton and Ricky almost come to blows in the ballroom.  A drunken Carlton leaves and Angelica stays only to find herself in Ricky’s arms by the end of the evening.  After agreeing they can never see one another again, Ricky calls Angelica weeks later to tell her the truth of what actually happened the night of the shooting back in the summer of 1968.  The story is incredible, but she believes him and decides to investigate to find out how Carlton literally got away with murder.  Angelica also discovers she’s pregnant, and not by her husband.  Combing through police files, Angelica finds the one person who witnessed everything, but wasn’t believed at the time.  This old woman not only corroborates Ricky’s story, she knows Angelica’s family, and reveals Angelica’s dad is Angelo Santori.  Angelica seeks out Santori and learns about the doomed interracial love affair between her parents and that from the shadows, her father has watched over her and supported her throughout her entire life.  He warns her about going up against Judge Meadows and his son, because he knows they are ruthless and dangerous men.  When Angelica tells Carlton what she has on him, he decides to have her killed, made to look like an accident.  Angelo thwarts the plan by having one of his men take out the would-be assassins.  Angelica turns in her husband and his father to the state’s Attorney General and ends up reuniting with Ricky.


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