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I am getting ready to share some more of my research, and so I want to say this ahead of time that some of you who decide to read further may think that I have lost my mind. I am getting ready to flip the script and present a strange perspective on this ancient story that has brought in a lot of revenue in the entertainment world in their many movie productions. So I just want to prepare you too ahead of time. There is a lot of information though, that I have but for now, I will attempt to just make introductions to a renewed look at the past with respect to the secular scholarly script though about the same time period that this Biblical account was said to have occurred. Also too, I want to say that I grew up in the 1960s and the 70s and I came after the Civil Rights Movement and so, some of the terms that the Baby Boomers use to coin ancient times, was done away with by the time I became school age. So, when I share my take on some terms used today from that ‘Black Power’ days, some of you might not agree, and I am prepared for this too. For example, I have already seen these two terms used in this community, ‘HOTEP’ and ‘CAUCASIAN’ and well, I’m not sure of their complete meaning, but these terms were not common in my earlier surroundings. However, I think these terms are very important to understand though and plan to share my understandings, indeed within the context of this very research on The Archeology of Noah. I hope that I can shed some new light on this event.  



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