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Part one


It was only a few years ago that the movie theaters featured another film about Noah, the ark and the Great World Flood to draw in the big bucks and for other profitable reasons. Not only that but in Kentucky, a major theme park has just opened recently on July 7, 2016 called Ark Encounter, a massive financial project whereby, a giant vessel was constructed on the same scale detailed in the Holy Bible and, it has become a major tourist attraction. What better way to cover up the truth and to continue to draw the attention away from the real historical facts that surrounds the Biblical account in respects to the country we know today as Turkey [ie. Asia Minor, or Anatolia], the ancient governments and civilizations in and around that land, and the kinds of events that did happened in the earth that surrounds the dates and times this event was written to have occurred. However, along with these modern storytelling embellishments of the ark to continue to tell the history from a specific modern western point-of-view, it may also be good to be reminded of other important kinds events that have also been written about during these same timespans. Because of how our educational system has progressed since the formation of this American government, and because of the Separation of Church and State in July 4, 1776, there are other descriptive events and names omitted in our educational systems, major historical events that are aligned around the same time span this ark story was set to have occurred, and this kind of information may help to get a better view of those ancient times.







Even more so intriguing would be that it was only eight (8) years prior to the opening of this theme park in Kentucky and at a time when many Americans were lined up at the polls to vote former president Barack Obama into the oval office, in October of 2008, that an expedition team from China known under the name, the NAMI PROJECT [Noah’s Ark Ministries International], that made a secretive ‘breaking world news event’ when they trekked up into the snowcapped mountains of Turkey (Anatolia) and reported that they had found the real wooden vessel and took their videos and cameras down into parts of the vessel to show the world. Oh but, Hey!—for those of us poor folk over here in America who may believe in the Bible who would never have the chance to see and prove this sight with our own eyes, a trip to Kentucky will probably be as close as will ever get under the circumstances of the times to view Noah’s ark! And too, for some African American descendants of slaves, a trip to visit a museum constructed of a multi-level giant wooden ship, lined with cages to trap animals for a year(!), might not be the kind of vacation experience desired at all, but rather, an uncanny harrowing reminder of the Transatlantic Slave Ship Era that our ancestors were forced to endure for about a years’ journey, being though, tightly packed, and a governmental excursion that occurred for over two hundred years. So even though a financial report has been stated in a recent film documentary that out of all the many tourist across the world that have made this mecca to Turkey Anatolia to see the museum and accounts of this ancient vessel, and even though it would be the Americans that has spent the most money in this endeavor, traveling across the world to this destination in Turkey to see the remnants of this great mysterious wonder, maybe now though, they can save their money and just go to Kentucky. This reconstructed tourist attraction of a massive wooden ship in Kentucky has been equipped with all of the technology of today with its’ surveillance cameras, excellent lighting, air conditioning, harmless sound effects of wild animal sounds and torrential storm wind affects, recreated models of many kinds of animals, and more, therefore, it seems to make for a much better experience than what the eight people written about on this quest could ever have dreamed to experienced. Heck, they even have remodeled forms of small dinosaurs to be a part of this expedition! And, due to the advance technology of today, better technology than even Noah could have mastered in his lifetime, this Ark Encounter comes equipped with best construction of ‘cesspools’ or, restrooms located in many areas in this museum, Oh!—I meant to say, in this vessel!





A group of Chinese and Turkish evangelical

explorers say wooden remains they have

iscovered on Mount Ararat in eastern Turkey

are the remains of Noah's Ark. 






Yeung Wing-cheung, a member of the 15-strong team from Noah's Ark Ministries International,

says the structure has several compartments, some with wooden beams, which were

believed to house animals. "It's not 100 per cent that it is Noah's Ark but we think it is 99.9

per cent that this is it," he told AFP.




But this NAMI team was by far not the only account reported to have found this ark but this information too, has been hidden. At any rate, it would be impossible to capture the whole story of those ancient times in this short essay and to list all of the ancient historical events that occurred during the timespans that led up to the story of the Great World Flood and to highlight all of the important happenings in the ancient civilizations of those times to give credibility to the history of Turkey Anatolia at the time this Biblical account was recorded to have happened, but based on my more than twenty (20) years of research, I would like to just open the door to perhaps, looking at the past from a scientific perspective to history and the Bible too. My timeline that I have constructed would also be based upon deep research and that revolves around the events that occurred during the time of the Roman Empire. In the past, I began the count and measure of time based on Adam’s Creation and I counted forward, but I was unable to make confirmations. But then, I counted backwards from the time of the Roman Empire, compared and contrasted secular scholarly historical events to the Biblical accounts and so now, my timelines are exact. I can understand the conflict of ‘the different Creation Theories’ due to this process of the measurement of time. However, there would be much more to add to this issue of how time has been measured with regards to other substantial ‘fixed points’ in the celestial realm. So then, for now, I think it would be interesting to regard the ancient civilizations and certain kinds of archeology and terminology to open the mind to perhaps another avenue of history. Furthermore, while the account of Noah will be presented, it would be pretty advantageous to also pay close attention to another very famous ancient man, a very famous Black skinned man of Africa [KEMET] who history dates to have lived at the very same time that the Bible has scripted that the very High Priest of the living God to have lived; and his name was IMHOTEP. This then would be my conclusions of my findings in that they are both one and the same man. So no, Noah would not have looked like the image made today of the heavily bearded Classical Greek image of Zeus and Asclepius that the western civilizations had depicted for Noah to have appeared. And in respect to the true history of that time period, the question posed should be this; IF NOAH WAS TOLD TO CONSTRUCT A GIANT SHIP WHEN HE WAS 500 YEARS OLD, WHERE IN THE WORLD WOULD HE HAVE LIVED TO OBTAIN THAT KIND OF SKILL BUT AFRICA; EGYPT, IN THE VERY AREA WHERE IMHOTEP DID LIVE AND BECOME RENOWN FOR BEING A MASTER ARCHITECT, MASTER CARVER, MASTER SCUPTOR AND ETC.!?




The Great Steppe Pyramid was said to be completed in 2667 BC during the Third Dynasty by

the High Priest of Djoser, named IMHOTEP, of which, based on my research would be the

one and the same NOAH. At this time, the Bible timelines show that Noah would have been

around 300 years old.



A Statue of IMHOTEP




Imhotep carving




Old Imhotep


This would be the reason why, even though Imhotep constructed the tomb for Djoser, his tomb has never been found! Imhotep did not die at that time but he lived on to construct the great ark and he lived on for hundreds of years more before he died. And so, the construction of the Great Steppe Pyramid and many other skills Noah would have acquired therefore, he would have learned in ancient Egypt and this then, would have been his training ground long before he ended up in Turkey Anatolia surrounded by woods and trees. Noah would have learned how to work with wood in Egypt too, but the Egyptians acquired their logs from the Levant and the wood was traded and put on barges and floated down the river. And even though today, this information has been deliberately kept hidden, many Black African people still today use the salutation ‘HOTEP’ meaning I would suppose, ‘PEACE’, or ‘MAY YOU HAVE COMFORT’. Additionally, even though Imhotep has been defined as being ‘a commoner’ elevated under Djoser, however, it would be a newfound truth from a Biblical perspective that well, it would be the very Imhotep that this entire universe came from as a result of the Great World Flood! So he would, in essence, be much more important than Djoser of whom he had lived under and served for many years. Imhotep was A THEBAN PRIEST and he would have been born in and around Memphis in captivity. He was born during a time when mound building just began around the millennium. Although secular accounts of the birthdate of Imhotep greatly varies, however, the Bible timelines date his birth to be during the 2900s BC.  However, due to the strange new phenomena that began to become more and more common, that is the phenomenon of DEATH, due to AGING, around the millennium, many great and renown men and women began to die off of whom had been born around the early times of the 4000s BC and obviously due to the belief of ‘life after death themes’ that began, therefore, people were having a hard time dealing with this strange phenomenon of death on a wide scale. So this DEATH THEME therefore, marks a new movement of mound building, tomb building and massive graves during the Pre-dynastic times where servants were killed and entombed along with the masters that they were made to serve. This horror of mass tomb constructions and mound building too, led to the South world, the Seth world, to become extremely oppressed and so soon after, during this THINITE PERIOD, a great new leader rose up from the south in Egypt named Narmer.  


Noah would not have known Adam, for he was dead more than a hundred years before this time period of the great oppression of the Seth world, the Thebans. And Noah would not have known the black skinned Cainite man, Narmer-the-Unifier, the eastern man, who fought against the Asiatics in North Egypt and caused the Thebans to gain freedom for a brief time period. Neither would Imhotep be dated to have known Narmer. But Noah’s father Lamech definitely knew Narmer based on the timelines, and would have likely participated in the war against the Asiatics.  However, after the death of Narmer, secular history places the Thebans back under suppression again, and this would be the time that Noah would have been born. And the prophecy of Lamech hints at this time of captivity of the Seth world being bound to be ‘earth workers’ or mound builders to the point that some of them became well known for their skills. Lamech prophesized that his son Noah, would be a deliverer, and bring the Thebans peace:


And Lamech lived an hundred eighty and two years, and begat a son:

And he called his name Noah, saying, This same shall comfort us

concerning our work and toil of our hands, because of the ground

which the LORD hath cursed. GENESIS 5:28-9.


According to the Bible, Lamech and his father, Methuselah, went on to live for hundreds of years. According to the Bible timeline, Lamech would have died just four (4) years before the world flood and Methuselah would have technically, died one year before the flood. Back in those times, the New Year was during the springtime so Methuselah would have died before March or the Leap Month of April of that next year. The flood was dated to have occurred during the 2300s BC, on April 17, and strangely so, this date, April 17, came to mark another phenomenon to occur thousands of years later. It marked the advent of the Star of Bethlehem and the birth of Jesus. Although I have not stressed other detail dates surrounding these events, though, my timelines are exact in respect to several events written about in ancient times. Following will be a very brief and general overview of my research about a certain aspect of the timelines that focuses around Biblical accounts as they relate to the account of Noah and the secular publications about ancient civilizations and archeological events and a concentration on ancient KEMET, Egypt and the civilizations around Turkey and Greater Babylon during these times. Cont.


4000s BC----------3000s BC-----2500s BC-----2000s BC----------1900s BC ---------- 1800s BC---

Adam------------- Narmer ---- Djoser -------flood ---------- Middle Bronze Age------- Labyrinth


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