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harry brown

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Singing. Matriach,Not. Just. The. Queen,,Of   Soul.Her. Blessed. Voice. To,,Us   She. Did. Bring.  From. Her. Heart. And. Soul. She Did . Sing..Songs. About,Sorrow,Faith,Love,Life  And  Pain,For  Us To  Stop  And  Reflect.About  How  Men  Treat  Women,They  Should  Show  Respect.Grace,Dignity,Inspirational,And,Influential  Was  Her  Essence. Upon   ,Stage  She  Had  A  Powerful  Presence..Her  Voice  Sung  With  Meaning  And  Purpose.. She  Touched Us,She  Moved  Us..When  Her  Voice,You  Heard.  Your  Soul  Was. Stirred..Her. Spirit. Has Been. Transported Up. Higher.  She. Now. Sings,In. The. Heavenly. Choir..

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