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This. Past . Weekend,8-Dead,60 Shot. In,Chicago,Gang  Violence...Black. Police. Superinttendent. Says.  He Also,Said. They. Need. To. Be. Mentoring. For. Young. Boys. In. Chicago.  I. Have. Said,NAACP, Black,Churches,Politicians,Need  ,To,Make  Time  To  Mentor  Black  Boys,Before  They  Get  To  High  School.  If  NAACP, Church  Preachers,, Can  Make  Time  To  Get  Votes  And  Money,They  Make  Time,To,Mentor  Black  Children  Before,They  Get  To  High  School.The. Millions  Of  Dollars,Black  Churches  Take. Up,Black. Preachers. Steal,Could. Send,. Black. Children. To. College...Preachers. Steal,Money. Buy. Cars,Mansions, As,Poverty.Is  In. Black. Communities,,They. Get. Upset. If. Black,People. Do. Not. Vote.  Where. Is,Congressman. John Lewis,The. Moral,Obligation. Voice?Racist. White,Can. Watch. Black. Men. Genocide. Their. Own. People..,.


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You know, I watched some young black men cry and wine about how they are being treated in prison.I heard them complain about being treated as slaves.

Which means they put those stripe suits on them and put them in convict labor where they work for a few cents an hour.((Actually the 14th Amendment says no

forced servitude unless you are a convicted criminal).And I also heard them wine about bad living conditions in the penitentiary.


And, yes we do need to teach our children how to treat their neighborhoods  with respect before they land in High School and get into trouble.


But I would like to say, if these young adult men, haven't learned how to be an asset to their society instead of a liability, and they become convicted criminals then

what can we,their black  neighbors,do for them after they become incarcerated? We can't help them if they've caused chaos for their black people and community.


I don't want them to come back out here into society where the can steal, do drugs,kill more black children, and have the families hurting, having funerals, burying their young


If you act up in your own neighborhood,and you get sent away to the penitentiary, you do the crime, then you do the time.

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