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Book Review Request: Nightmare Detective by Monk Inyang


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Suntext Publishing would like to submit for review, Nightmare Detective: The Skeleton King (ISBN:978-1-7325432-0-1), a debut fantasy novel for middle school children by Monk Inyang.


Publication Date: September 18, 2018 



Uko Hill is a twelve year old black boy in Newark suffering from the same nightmare every night - an army of terrifying skeletons breaking into his home and destroying everything. He's given up hope of ever having normal sleep until one night, in the middle of his nightmare, he meets Toni. She's part of a group called the Nightmare Detectives - a trained squad of middle schoolers that can jump into the nightmares of other kids and help them stop for good. Uko is given the opportunity to join the Detectives and accepts. Along the way he learns that there's a lot more to living in this dreamworld than he expected. Can he stand up to the evil that he discovers? Can he overcome his fear and doubt to join the legendary Detectives?




Amazon for Trade Paperback ($8.99) or Kindle eBook ($2.99)

Barnes and Noble for Trade Paperback ($8.99)


Early reviews for the book inclue:

"...a splendid adventure into the complexity of the mind while maintaining an action-packed plot."
- The BookLife Prize

"...Magic Tree House meets Goosebumps - but more. Inyang creates a world that exists in our subconcious minds that connect us all...an action-packed story that's sure to grab kids..."
- Sundee Frazier - Corretta Scott King Award winner and Oprah Book Club author of Brendan Buckley's Universe 

"Nightmare Detective is a delightful adventure about friendship, childhood, fears, growing up, helping others." 
- Manhattan Book Review


Contact: monk@monkinyang.com for more information about Nightmare Detective or to order a review copy

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