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AFRICAN AMERICANS, EGYPT, ETHIOPIANS & AFRICA~ What’s the Distinction? The god PTAH? … Part 1.


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Well, obviously because we, African American DOS (Descendants Of Slaves), come from different countries in Africa and etc. and it would take three (3) North American continents to fit inside the huge continent of Africa, this would be a huge task to narrow down for a complete answer. But this would be a quest for so many of us to find completion because of our ancestors being displaced from their origins and that has ultimately left many of us disconnected. Like the many viral stories that have high ratings on television shows that feature accounts of how people have been in search and then reunited to their birth parents after being adopted from birth, this subject of knowing one’s origin will always be a human desire for many. The ancestry.com companies will no doubt always be in business for many people of many different cultures who spend money for a DNA test to find out their country and ancestral origins. But for me as a poor person, I am not that interested in spending money to learn this truth. So I have learned to appreciate technology today that this government affords and for that reason, I use this method to do research to learn about the past in general. My passion too, would be to share my research in a way that others with questions may find better answers that they have about the history of Africa, the Motherland, with regards to their origins. One main approach that I use would also be through a breakdown of certain words used in ancient script to define history and plotting them on a timeline so that it may become common knowledge to others as they apply to past and present. Due to a lot of information about ANCIENT EGYPT, I believe this would be a good country to begin to unfold in order to better understand the history of the African continent.



 -------- Before 6000 BC ---4000 BC –3000 BC--- 2000 BC --- 1000 BC ---------


Before 6000 BC – The Jomon Archeology, the Ukrainian Archeology …

Before 4000 BC – the Amratian Period, the Gerzean A & B Period …

Around 3500 BC – the First Copper Age

Around 3000 BC—Amen-the-Unifier—Mound Building in Egypt …

Around 2000 BC---the Intermediate Period

Around 1000 BC---David & the Egyptians


Due to our American Educational system after the Separation of Church and State, there are two (2) different bits of history recorded at this same time but with distinct terminology, but I am going to highlight the commonality as I have written about initially. But now, I will add on. I wrote about the famous Egyptian High priest IMHOTEP and the Biblical Noah both recorded to be in the same time period. Now I will add on to a later period. Even before his time, the Egyptian god PTAH was a supreme form of worship, however, Imhotep became known as the High Priest of PTAH. This would be one key term to getting a better understanding of the origin of humanity today.


THE Egyptian God PTAH

This term, ‘PTAH’ can be written in many forms, nevertheless, it has a rich meaning. This would be the very name of the Biblical Noah’s firstborn son, JAPHETH [ie. YAPHETH, Ja-PETAH …]. So, this word literally refers to EGYPT [ie. EGY—PETAH… Egypetah]. So, Imhotep and the Biblical Noah have more than one aspect in common. My research also shows that, not only does many of the names of the descendants of the Biblical JapHeth are still in use today, but these names agree with ancient history too. However, hundreds of years before JapHeth existed and also, hundreds of years even before Imhotep existed, this name ‘EGYPT’ was common in other forms. One particular time period and term may help to understand ancient history even more; the Copper Age and METALSMITH.


According to archeology and thousands of years after the STONE AGE and many artifacts were made during the Jomon civilization, the COPPER AGE became marked to occur during the 3000s BC. This would be the time period that Cain existed. The story goes that Cain brought ‘an offering’ to the Lord and also, he was ‘a tiller of the ground’. Now we have been taught that Cain was an AGRICULTURALIST, and this would be true, but only part truth; He also tilled the ground for metal. Cain and his descendants became MASTER METALSMITHS as well and this would be the name that identifies his descendants for thousands of years; KHETY [KHETH]. So over a thousand years before JapHETH existed, this name identified KEMET people in the NORTHEAST in Ancient Anatolia. So, as we fast forward this history to thousands of years after Imhotep, the High Priest of PTAH, after the end of the Old Pyramid Age and after the 11th Dynasty which brings us to the New Kingdom Period of the 12th Dynasty and then the technology of the HORSE and CHARIOT Period of the Hyksos, this same term shows up again in script in other variants.


THE ANATOLIAN CAPITAL in Central Turkey—the country of the



These terms became common terms to define A Separatist civilization during the time of the 12th Dynasty. The people of Heth were a certain kind of original Blacks or dark skinned people of the north eastern world and the term WHITE HETH or HITTITE defined the Indo-Europeans of that same country. So there is so much more history behind these terms, but this would be a start. Today, terms like ‘HITLER’ and ‘WHITE’ [ie. W-HITE] all stem from this origin. So now, when the ancient scripts shows terms like ‘HETEPHERES’ [a wife of Seneferu; 4th DYNASTY Egypt], or ‘the Children of Heth and the Hittites’ and etc., it refers to Khety people who originated from the original BLACK KEMET people known by this name during the Copper Age around 3000s BC. And the South world people in Egypt became dominated by this Northeastern civilization. But then at the turn of the millennium, up from the south, Upper Egypt, came NARMER-THE-BLACK-BULL-KING, an Eastern man himself, who overthrew the Asiatics and unified Upper and Lower Egypt. So now, to fast forward this history. . . cont.


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