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The. Last. Safari!!

harry brown

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Africa,If. I. Could. Go. On. Safari. There.  Would. It. Be. Thriving,Or. Because. Of. Man's Greed,Would. It. Be. Bare.The. Mountains,Waterfall,Rainforest,Deserts,,Among. The. Landscape.  Would. There  Be. Leopards  And Cheetahs. Hunting,, Impalas,, Gazelles,Trying  to  Escape? .Would  There Be  Giraffes  Walking  In. A,Brief  Rain?  Buffalo,Zebras,Wildebeest  Upon  The  Savannah  And,Plains?  Would   There  Be  Elephants,Black  Rhinos ,Hippos ,By,The,River  Zambezi ? Would  There  Be  Gorillas  And  Chimpanzee,In,Trees? Wandering. Among. The. Ancient. Dying, ,,Baobab ,Trees..THinking ,. About. The. Children. That. Have. Died. From. Wars,Famine. And. Disease..Would.  There. Be. Lion. Prides?  The. Ancient. African. Tribes.  ?  Forgetting. The. God. Of. Their. Ancestors,White. Christian. God. ,Will. Africans. Yearn?  Will. Their,Forget Their. Ancestors. That. Was. Kidnapped. Never. To. Return?Africa ,If. I. Could. Go. On. Safari. There.  Would. It. Be. Thriving Or Would,. It. Be Bare??..

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