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Dark Universe: The Bright Empire

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The Dark Age is over and the Known is in the firm grasp of the Cassads. As the galaxy spins, dragging planets and star systems in its wake, unrest rises to the surface of the celestial firmament. For while the Cassads burn brightly, the people under their rule are neglected and stifled. The Dark Age is over. The Bright Empire has begun, but the stars do not shine brightly on everyone.

Dark Universe: The Bright Empire is the exciting sequel to The Dark Universe Anthology. Experience the heyday of this intriguing Afrocentric galactic empire through eleven stories that capture the wonder, danger and adventure of this amazing universe.


Dark Universe: The Bright Empire

The Bright Empire.jpg

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Hey @Milton when do you sleep?   Seems like you have a book coming out every other day 🙂  


What shopping cart software are you using on your website?


Do you offer an affiliate program where you pay others for referring sales?  I noticed that you are not linking to Amazon and are selling your books directly .  I could update all buy links for the the MVmedia, LLC books I have on AALBC to go to your website.  Right now they are defaulting to Amazon, B&B, Indiebound, etc.  I could add the link to you site as a prominent option as I have with Terminus: Tales of the Black Fantastic from the ATL, or I can just link to your website as the only option.  Amazon only pays 4% commission now so we could both potentially make more money selling books through our own channels.


Would you be willing to help create new codes for the Black science fiction genre, an extension to the BISAC codes which don't really go far enough for the genre you publish.


Right now BISAC has a code for Fiction / Science Fiction / Steampunk Category but nothing for Sword and Soul.


These are the newly released categories for (yesterday) for science fiction and fantasy:


FIC009110 FICTION / Fantasy / Arthurian
                  FICTION / Fantasy / Christian see Christian / Fantasy *
FIC009040 FICTION / Fantasy / Collections & Anthologies
FIC009010 FICTION / Fantasy / Contemporary
FIC009070 FICTION / Fantasy / Dark Fantasy
FIC009120 FICTION / Fantasy / Dragons & Mythical Creatures
FIC009020 FICTION / Fantasy / Epic
FIC009130 FICTION / Fantasy / Gaslamp
FIC009030 FICTION / Fantasy / Historical
FIC009080 FICTION / Fantasy / Humorous
FIC009140 FICTION / Fantasy / Military
FIC009050 FICTION / Fantasy / Paranormal
FIC009090 FICTION / Fantasy / Romantic
FIC009060 FICTION / Fantasy / Urban

FIC028000 FICTION / Science Fiction / General
FIC028010 FICTION / Science Fiction / Action & Adventure
FIC028090 FICTION / Science Fiction / Alien Contact
                  FICTION / Science Fiction / Alternative History see Alternative History
FIC028070 FICTION / Science Fiction / Apocalyptic & Post-Apocalyptic
                  FICTION / Science Fiction / Christian see Christian / Futuristic *
FIC028040 FICTION / Science Fiction / Collections & Anthologies
FIC028140 FICTION / Science Fiction / Crime & Mystery *
FIC028100 FICTION / Science Fiction / Cyberpunk
FIC028110 FICTION / Science Fiction / Genetic Engineering
FIC028020 FICTION / Science Fiction / Hard Science Fiction
FIC028120 FICTION / Science Fiction / Humorous
FIC028050 FICTION / Science Fiction / Military
                  FICTION / Science Fiction / Romance see Romance / Science Fiction *
FIC028130 FICTION / Science Fiction / Space Exploration
FIC028030 FICTION / Science Fiction / Space Opera
FIC028060 FICTION / Science Fiction / Steampunk
FIC028080 FICTION / Science Fiction / Time Travel


If you could define the categories to add like 


AALBC1100 FICTION / Science Fiction / Sword and Soul


Now Google is already on it but but the publishing industry is not.  So it you can give me the categories and the books they belong in I can update my database and make it easier for readers to find these categories of books by Black writers.



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@Milton I searched for some "Sword and Soul" book on AALBC, created a new category: FICTION / Science Fiction / Sword and Soul


I looked at the list of books Google has listed in their Sword and Soul category and they  apparently have been obtained from Amazon's Goodreads Sword and Soul books, who in turn got the information from goodreads visitors (at no cost and no effort).


Again, this is a categories NOT the brand new list of BISAC codes ,so the information has to be compiled manually. The hundred billion dollar firms get the information handled to them from the users, while I have to do it all by myself -- it is not even available for sale..  If I copied the data from Goodreads (as Google appears to be doing), I'd be delisted from the search engine.


Oh well on to the next thing.... #booksellerblues 

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