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Homeless. At. Christmas!

harry brown

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Christmas. Eve. In. The. City.  Among. The. Holiday. Decorations,The. Homeless,With. Hunger,Pain. And. Misery.  Corrupt. Church. Going. Politicals,Stealing. Preacher's. Speaking. Prayer..To  The. Homeless,Do ,They  Plan   To. Bring  Food  And  Shelter?The  Homeless,Some  Barely,Alive. With  Hopelessness  And. Emptiness  They  Struggle  To,Survive...Getting  Food,Presents Shoppers  Shopping..For  The  ,Homeless. ,Shoppers  Not  Stopping..Soon  Church  Bells  Will  Ring.Choirs  Will  Sing,Preacher's  Preaching..Toward. The. Homeless,Food. And. Shelter. Will. Somebody. Bring.?  or Upon. The,Streets. Will. The. Homeless. Be. Remaining?.

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