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Are Black-Owned Bookstores Are Making a Comeback?


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Hi @VernaPolitics I hope you don't me replying in our forum rather than theirs.  My thoughts: if you consider getting stabbed with a 6 inch knife and having it pulled out 3 inches progress.  Verna, we are FAR from making a comeback.  


I know this sentiment is not what people want to hear and goes counter to what you are reading in mainstream media. I'm sorry, but we have lost a great deal and 100 Uncles Bobbies (with all due respect, a coffee shop that sells a few books) will not make up for what we've lost.



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Guest @VernaPolitics

Belive what your saying. ..and that saddens me. 

Like to hear it from persons who know the business well.

Whew!  Remember the time  when there were bookstores to choose from.  Can only hope somehow ownership will Improve in the coming months / years despite how it looks at this time.


Want to think Mianstream media..may .not reporting the full story.../not having access to sources who have been in the business for a while. Can only say keep on pushing.




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Mainstream media is not really interested in depth, complexity, nuance, or even the truth when it comes to our story.


The notion that Black books stores have come back or are coming back is one I've read a few stories about recently. Most look at my list of Black-owned bookstores, quote the number, and keep it moving.


Why we have so fewer stores is the bigger story. What does it say about a culture in which a Black indie bookstore can not thrive? I guess it is the same one that locks so many of its Black citizens or takes away their vote.


Meanwhile, Black-owned indie book websites are virtually nonexistent. A story that has never been covered, to my knowledge.


I guess this coverage is better than nothing and if the additional exposure gets the stores more coverage I really can't complain too vehemently. 

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