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Baby Elephant Falls in Pool Rescued by Mom and Aunt


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Baby Elephant Falls in Pool Rescued by Mom and Aunt


I love to watch nature films and this one really amazes me. I watched it over and over again. The film captures the elephants’ reactions when the baby ‘calf’ accidentally fell into a pool. The older elephants immediately responded and became frantic. The Mommy elephant initially became paralyzed with fear and her sister, who was not even near the incident, sensed the danger and immediately and without any hesitation came running to help out. Do we as humans respond in this way if a child’s life becomes threatened? Well, I think for many people this would be the case but for me, it did not happen. My mother used to always say to me that ‘I was the Judah of my family’ and ‘that I was the scapegoat’, however, I wish she would never had said that. But yes, for some strange reason, I was the family idiot and many times came to the rescue of my family. But when I needed help, I was abandoned . . . until my uncle(s) came running to my rescue. I think that it is good to reflect on some animal behaviors because it may help to understand how we as humans have sometimes gotten off track in how we should relate one to another. I especially wanted to post this here in relation to some cases about THE BLACK AMERICAN CULTURE because I feel that at times, we have gotten off track here in America to some degree. And so, in addition to this video, I think it would be good to consider some of the strange decisions of some Black Mothers today with regards to the protection and welfare of their children. I think that some issues have become so common that many of us today, have become selective and choose not to recognize that there is a serious problem. And because many of us don’t think that there happens to be a problem, then no solution has been sought. For whatever reason, there are times when Black Mothers do abandon and abuse their children but why? Could it be because they need help and are not getting ADEQUATE SUPPORT from their husband, family members, or the government? Nevertheless, when I watch nature films like this, it makes me think about certain ills of our society. At any rate, this incident captured on video went viral and I think it was for a very good reason.  


The baby elephant was standing beside the mother and the edge of the pool ‘gave way’ and the baby fell into the pool and could not stay above the water. The mother panicked but, immediately and it seemed almost simultaneously, the Auntie who was a ways off sensed the danger and she came running! Auntie realized the Mommy was frantic and bewildered and so she, without any hesitation, ran on the far side of the Mommy. The Auntie shoved the Mommy so hard that the Auntie’s back legs actually slipped! LOL. She forced the Mommy into responding. Meanwhile, in the background, there was another elephant ‘freaking out’ about the incident. This elephant was prevented from being able to advance because of a fence. But the elephant immediately started pacing and running alongside the rope back and forth. But Auntie was able to get the Mommy to move. Then they both ran to the shallow entry into the pool side. The Auntie ran on one side of the desperate baby and the mother went to the other side and they both guided the baby over to the shallow edge of the pool and then the baby was able to walk out of the pool.





Mother accused of drowning daughter in Tampa river had just been cleared in abuse investigation

August 3, 2018, 3:25 PM




A woman accused of drowning her screaming 4-year-old daughter in a Tampa river had been

cleared this week by sheriff's child abuse investigators.


The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office issued a statement Friday saying its child protection unit had

started an investigation of Shakayla Denson, 26, on June 19 about her treatment of her daughter, Je'Hyrah Daniels.

The investigation was closed Tuesday after no evidence of maltreatment, abuse or neglect was found, the agency said. …


… Tampa police say Denson stole a car Thursday afternoon from a sales lot and forced her daughter inside.

As she drove away, she knocked over a bystander who tried to stop her.


About 40 minutes later, the car pulled up to the Hillsborough River, which runs through Tampa. Witnesses told police that

Denson dragged the screaming girl to the water, waded in until she was shoulder deep and pushed the girl into the current

to float away. They said Denson then walked out of the water and away from the river. She was arrested nearby.



Nov 14, 2018

… Family members informed officials that Daniels had autism and was non-verbal.


According to the report, HSCO was originally involved in the case in June 2018 after they received a report concerning Denson's

ability to properly supervise Je'hyrah. The report referred to an incident when Daniels got out of her great-grandmother's house

and wandered to a park about six minutes away.







My thoughts are; Could this have been prevented. I wish I knew the answer. 

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