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EXCERPT: SNAPSHOTS, my book of daily affirmations

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January 1st

Don’t believe the hype! There are only 7 days a year. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. It’s just that they come at U 358 more times in a bewildering array of brilliant disguises.                                                                                           -Ali-


Until you have made a happy landing at that place called YOU, there is no need to even consider making resolutions. You don’t know who you are, so how can you choose wisely? Without intimate knowledge of your real needs, you will tend to choose what speaks loudest or sparkles brightest. There must exist a continuing sense of loyalty to yourself, and then you must crush all the remnants of the person you were molded to be by others. Then you work with what’s left. That’s the framework that leads to YOU. HAPPY LANDING!


January 2nd


Anything is something when you have nothing on your mind



Be Real! When you begin to take meaningful steps to throw off the shackles of oppression that yoke you spiritually, physically, mentally, financially, you must accept the fact that affirmations, no matter how potentially powerful, do not work unless you are on a level playing field. Be real about that fact. Too many people start the year under the false illusion that affirmations are some sort of “poetic” genies and that if they shout them loud enough or often enough, seeming magic will occur. Not hardly. Be real. An affirmation concedes nothing without the dirty work that must precede it.



January 3


Life is a point between birth and death where nuthin’ exists beyond good and evil except

The miserable failure of men who throw themselves in open competition with God.                                                                                     



 Consider this: one reason for the low self-esteem of many black women is that they willingly participate in the condescending ritual of allowing the black man to set himself up as a rival to God. In the name of love, they silently watch as their existence is slowly diminished while they are emotionally murdered. God, in His Infinite Wisdom, created woman to be a queen, a mother, a nurturer, but merely because man, in his puny arrogance, feels he can make better use of her as a “ho” or a dope fiend, she permits herself to be transformed. Why?   Because of the foolish desire to love someone

not her equal!


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