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There is so much HIDDEN HISTORY that has not been a part of our Western Civilization Educational System and this information about the ABKHAZIA would be just one of many missing pieces. At once, I thought that this term did not apply to the Original Jews or Israel [ie the Ten Tribes; Joseph] but I stumbled across some information recently, that causes me to have to do some more research. I thought the term KHAZITE, and KHAZIA referred to ethnic people of the MEDIEVAL time in the east and northeast world that marked a distinct kind of people that later became associated with Jews of the Crimea in the nodeast [ie northeast] world but in some text, it does seem to reveal the presence of ancient Israel too. Also, the term ABKHAZIA seems to be more correct as in the terms ‘Aboriginal’, ‘Abyssinian’, ‘Abraham’, ‘Absalom’, ‘Abigail’, ‘Abner’ and etc. of which refers to ‘original and indigenous Black people’, but still, the present information does not specify the origin of the term ‘KHAZIA’ completely. The following photo and reference of these obviously BLACK AFRICAN-TYPED PEOPLE OF THE NORTHEAST may help to eventually get the whole truth:



An African man in Karabakh. Photo by George Kennan, 1870.



“Abkhazian Negros” were completely driven out of Georgia by communist in the 1930’s.

Nicknamed “black men” by locals, a small group of them used to live in the village of Adzyubzha.





By Unknown - livejournal.com, Public Domain,


Photo of Afro-Abkhazian family from "Caucasus. Volume I.

The peoples of the Caucasus", St. Petersburg., Kovalevsky P. I., 1914,


Afro-Abkhazians, or Abkhazians of African descent, also known as African Caucasians,

were a small group of people of African descent in Abkhazia, [1] who used to live mainly

in the settlement Adzyubzha at the mouth of the Kodori River and the surrounding villages

(Chlou, Pokvesh, Agdarra, and Merkulov) on the eastern coast of the Black Sea in Eastern Europe. [2][5]



Of course, since this technology of a photo dates these people to be close to the time that the FEZ eventually became outlawed in ancient Anatolia where the Ottoman Turkish government used a lot of conquered SELJUK TURKS to constantly war in the west in East Europe, this would be an amazing connection to the past during the medieval times all the way back to the CRUSADES. The ancient warrior, Seljuk, and founder of the SELJUK EMPIRE in the AD 1000s and that dominated Turkey Anatolia for about 200 years connects to this term KHAZITE in that some report that he may have been a soldier in the Khazite army. He had four sons that he named MOSES, ISRAEL, JOHN, and MICHAEL and, from this man came the Great Tugrul and later Alp Arslan and etc. And Seljuk the warrior and his people were written in script under many titles such as THE KARAITES [ie KERAITE JEWS], OGHURS, ONOGURS, TEN ARROWS, TURKIC, BLUE TURKS and etc., terms that were not a part of our educational system. These terms link these Seljuk Turks to being enslaved in the far east and eventually, they broke off from TENGRISM and migrated to Central Asia and adopted Islam. Soon, after many other conflicts, they split off again and became connected to Christianity. However, historians today still offer vague information of how these Turkish warriors became the very focus that led to the Western World to start the CRUSADES.


Prior to the Crusades and before the Seljuks overpowered the Byzantine massive forces, the Byzantine government was in constant conflicts with the ethnic world in the west which was ‘East Europe’ and in the east where the Seljuks Turks resided. At one point, the emperor Romanos began to persecute the Jews and so, there was a Khazite man named JOSEPH that retaliated. The Byzantines constantly conflicted with the Thracians, Slavs and Bulgarians and these ethnic people were connected to the Turks of the east too! Prior to the Mongolian Empire that overthrew them, the Seljuk Turk homelands became INNER MONGOLIA. These Black warriors initially had begun to operate a far flung trade route from their lands to Egypt but soon, they became enraged by the Fatimid system in Egypt. At this time, their capital became known as Merv. But, for some reason, they became re-routed and thus directed their attention up in Turkey Anatolia. So while the Seljuk Turks were warring up in the north, Saladin was warring down in the south in and around Jerusalem and across North Africa. But, the story we, as African Americans, here does not include these kinds of details. We only here about the Arab Movement of which occurred after the Black African-typed men started warring. The Karaites, the Islamic men, the Abbasid Caliphat and the original Muslims came together at some point and the Pentateuch, the First Five Books of Moses, became their scriptural focus. There seems to be a lot more missing pieces to this puzzle.







The ethnic origin of the Abkhazians of African descent—and how Africans arrived in Abkhazia—is still a matter of dispute among experts. Historians agree that the settlement of Africans in a number of villages in the village of Adzyubzha in Abkhazia (then part of the Ottoman Empire) is likely to have happened in the 17th century.



*****My Note; the 17th century means AD 1600s*****


… They opined that the Ethiopian version of the origin of the Abkhazians of African

descent is true since there are several parallels between the name of

the villages in Ethiopia and in Afro-Abkhazian villages like Bagadi, Gunma and Dabakur. [6]



*****My Note; That means JEWS; Ethiopia or former Tigray in the Horn of Africa is today,

a government of people dominated by the HABESHA/HEBREW ISRAELITES *****







*****My Note; THE SELjuk Turks & Haile SELassie*****






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