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Google Claims They Are Going to Fix Their Misinformation Machine (YouTube)

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Google's YouTube has increasingly become a cesspool of misinformation -- so much so that otherwise smart people are convinced that things which should be ridiculed as ridiculous on their face are plausible because of high production quality and documentary-like editing. Videos pushing all sorts of garbage gain traction and credibility. Young people are particularly susceptible to this form of misinformation.


Sometimes I'll be watching some YouTube video, fall asleep, and wake up to some crazy video.  Google's revenue driven algorithm pushes these bogus videos -- no Russian Trolls are necessary.


Again, Google does not care that the video they push with their algorithm are full of lies. All they care about is serving advertising. In fact, if the video spouts some BS like the Earth being flat -- their algorithm will push this video because they know people are more likely to watch them. 


Google has even prevented some entities from (like AALBC), who produce accurate and often quality content because we don't have enough views or followers -- something Google itself is largely responsible for!


A video of an author reading from a literary novel is never pushed by Google -- people have to look for these videos.  However a video of someone denying climate change is pushed by Google's algorithm.


The conspiracy theory video creators are rewarded financially by Google and the creators of videos promoting Black literature are punished. 


Is Google racist?  What difference does it make, if their behavior is indistinguishable from one?


Editors Note: I recognize that I'm putting AALBC at serious risk of being buried in search, in retaliation, by Google. This is not hyperbolic or neurotic, but the truth.

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