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Creative Process & Artistry of Michael Jackson

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AMH Publishers

P.O. Box 777

Eastport, New York 11941

Phome: (212)531-0322





Contact:  Amanda Crews                

Telephone:  212 531 0322

Email:  PublicRelations@GlendaRTaylor.com

Website: GlendaRTaylor.com


Scholar, poet, and cultural historian, Dr. Glenda R. Taylor announces the release of her new book, Corridors of Genius: Excavating the Consciousness, Creative Process, and Artistry of Michael Jackson. The book is being released on December 15, 2018. It is the result of the first academic research study which focuses on the creative process and artistry of Michael Jackson. It skillfully revisits the Jackson family narrative and delves into the consciousness of both Michael and his father Joseph Jackson.


Taylor says that Corridors “analyzes Jackson’s artistry by delving into his religious foundation and unearthing an artistic voice rooted in a Judeo-Christian ideology. It unveils a prolific creative process nurtured by his parents and refined by his quest for perfectionism.”  The study began when Taylor realized Jackson’s artistic statement was profoundly rooted in the cultural traditions of African American artists born in the early to mid-twentieth century such as Paul Robeson, Katherine Dunham, and Nina Simone. She discovered an artist who promotes the teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and vigorously endeavored to use the technology available in a visual culture to promote social change.  Dr. Taylor offers a fascinating interpretation of Jackson’s short film Earth Song by considering his religious foundation. Decidedly, the book is of interest to the intellectually elite as well as Michael Jackson aficionados. 


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If you would  like a review copy of the book or would like to schedule an interview with Dr. Glenda R. Taylor, please call Amanda Crews at (212) 531-0322 or email PublicRelations@GlendaRTaylor.com.



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