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7 Million Americans 90+ Days Behind on Car Notes


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I REALLY wish the media would stop writing shit like "strong economy" and "low unemployment rate."  The terms are even used in an article describing how 7 million American are about to have their cars repossessed.


Strong economy for who, the rich corporations and the people who run and own them?  What does low unemployment rate mean when you don't count the incarcerated or those who have given up looking but want to work.  Even those who do work the wages are are low and benefits are nonexistent. In states like Florida almost half the population makes less than $20 an hour.


At some point, the chickens will come home to roost and we will have to deal with this nation's wealth inequality.  The election of 45 was the tip of the iceberg. We will see more incidences of white boys shooting up public places.  The US already has more mass shootings than any other country on Earth.  People are angry and stressed but have no understanding why because they are consistently misled to by the media.


The Washington Post's article does not attempt to explain why so many people are behind on their car notes, "despite the strong economy," as if it was some freaking enigma. Perhaps they should look at the business practices of the owner of their publication and how he has adversely impacted the economy.  Of course this will never happen, for obvious reasons.



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