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True Black Literature

Guest Carol Denise Mitchell

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Guest Carol Denise Mitchell

I have written a book that reads like old literature. The Mad Sister 2 was re-issued when readers told me the only copy left of The Mad Sister was going for $400.00 I maintained my manuscripts. I dusted it off and uploaded The Mad Sister 2, same book. It is the same story. I am encouraging readers to invest in a good cup of tea and find out why one of the smartest women in the world, went mad over her dead sister. Mercy Diamond's father was a doctor. He was not her muse for becoming a doctor, herself. Mercy Diamond made the mistake of going to the store without taking her favorite person in the world, her baby sister, Roxy Diamond. When she returned, it was a cigarette fire that killed her sister. The trajectory and course of Mercy Diamond's life changed afterwards. The brilliant girl is despised by her parents. Mercy goes to Yale and excels in Medicine. Her madness rendered her one of the most brutal drug dealers the world has ever seen. She did it all to think out of the box. She was going to bring her dead sister back using DNA from her raggedy doll. With sheer determination, Mercy perseveres. 


I have written over 10 novels and The Mad Sister 2 is the best of them all. it's basically because of the literature, and description of events as they arose. A writer can't be afraid to talk about madness as it pertained to Mercy. When I wrote the Mad Sister, I characterized Mercy behind events of the day. One middle-eastern woman and her money hungry ways left me with an insatiable desire to settle my inner dispute with her. In real life, I pulverized the woman in court when the judge gave me the decision on our Landlord/Tenant dispute.


Literature. Boy, that is a beautiful word. Readers love this book. I only wish they would comment on Amazon.com the way they do to me on the telephone. I truly enjoyed writing this book. I encourage one and all to talk about literature, again. Thanks, in advance for your support of this great novel!



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