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Gunman's Peace - A post apocalyptic adventure


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One hundred years after the Collapse violence still rages across the region once known as Georgia. Warlords fight for control with deadly mercenaries known as Gunmen, and Moses Prichard is one of the best. Tired of the constant violence he finds solace within the walls of Newlanta, a city struggling to establish an island of peace amidst the chaos. But now the city is threatened by a powerful warlord Moses once served and he is forced to strap on his guns. However, this time he’s fighting for his own reasons.
Gunman’s Peace, first novel of an action-packed series by Milton Davis, takes place in a post-apocalyptic world struggling to build a better future by ridding itself of the evils of the past.


Gunman’s Peace is my flavor of post-apocalyptic fantasy. Moses Pritchard, hero in charge, is noble enough to make you root for him and bad enough to keep villains on their toes―if they survive at all. An added bonus were the plot twists that kept me on the edge of my seat. Gunman’s Peace is a wild ride readers won’t want to miss.
-Valjeanne Jeffers, author of the Mona Livelong and Immortal series


Milton Davis, storyteller extraordinaire, brings the excitement and appeal he pours into Sword and Soul into a post-apocalyptic milieu. Into that dire setting he introduces a hero as deadly in the use of weapons, as he is determined to channel his lethal skills toward a constructive goal. Gunman's Peace is an action-packed joyride through the harsh, dust choked grime of a world slowly and painstakingly clawing its way back to civilization. This book is a must-read adventure!
-Ronald Jones, author of Extraction and Warriors of the Four Worlds


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