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Dominion: written 26 years ago, now an audiobook

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Guest raf_publisher



Can a sci-fi book with complex social themes written 25 years ago by an African American author actually have parallels to what is happening today with a conservative political party's views on race, but in reverse?


The year is 2059, and the country is prospering technologically and socially. There is very little crime; the educational system is superb, and the government is seemingly uncorrupt. So why do terrorists continue to attack government institutions and innocent people? What do these people want? The answer: freedom. 


In Dominion, we are introduced to Graham Parks, the leader of the country, a man willing to do anything in his power to crush the plans of George Carver - the leader of the terrorists. This struggle, told through the eyes of a reporter and a family, may lead the listener to believe that the utopian existence this society claims to have reached is nothing more than a facade. 


From the publisher:


This series is an attempt to describe what society would be like if a megalomaniac gained control of the country through violence. Even though the society seems to be prospering and border on an utopian existence for its accepted members, violence abounds. Terrorists strike and assassination attempts are made on political figures who want to welcome Caucasians back into society through assimilation. This book is a masterpiece and a must listen for individuals interested in African-American science fiction.


Click the link above and check out the sample audio...



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