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Black brick back


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Ebony man, strong, dark, hidden, it is the strength like that of the mighty oak, you stand in spite of the weather and because of that stance you give hope Full grown, your essence shaded in a mahogany hue, and those that look are intimidated by you, as you rise the victor with the morning dew, not afraid to embrace the chains used to enslave you, you pull the empty hopes of the dreams that accumulate in graves, ebony man with the black brick back that hold the weight of a people constantly under attack. Where do you rest your head and close your eyes, when do you stop fighting a war where the black man dies, you struggle each day for the life of another , calling all with your heavenly shade to stand as your brothers, not considering the battles a head, where little boy learn that great men lay their lives on the line just so young black babies can wake up safely in beds, Ebony man with hope in your eyes, redden and swollen with the tears you have cried, as you carry the load of a burden where people take for granted a love not understood till its stripped of life, ebony man, with the tone of gold that strengthens the weak and holds on to the old, the ancestral stories that allow us to see that the black brick back is what pulled doubt to his knees, Forced, perseverance is not one trait described but underestimated by the guilt in the eyes that watched the beauty beaten away as the ebony man reached past the pain and continued to pray, full lips that own the knowledge of life share a wealth of forgiveness and appreciation for life, even if it is he that is wronged, the ebony man forever stands strong, he is the morrow in the mid-morning sky, the cause for celebration no matter his shade his smile the real prize, his love pure, unadulterated and true, only polluted in time, the ebony man looks past the black man, providing an example yes this describes you

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