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You Matter. Do you ever look around and wonder what others are going through, do you wonder do they wonder about you, do they concern themselves with your struggles, do they know you are in pain, the song talks about the painted on smile, I hear voices telling me to kick back and relax stop thinking so hard and chill for a while, but how do you relax when every morning the flood begins again, you lift your eye lids to the perils of a nation, as small of a piece of the puzzle you are, it still takes that small piece to complete the picture, no one seems to think that their presence is significant but she said all of us, she meant you and I, not them and they, where do you separate yourselves when we a representatives of the atom, need molecules to form anything larger then ourselves, many wonder why I think this way, perhaps because I have been wrestling with some form or another of discomfort for the majority of my life, but the sad part is so have you, we see ourselves so different, when the only real difference is the day you decide that your contribution to me is derived from the moment you elect to look inward and embrace and heal yourself beyond the appearance of mistakes, I learned you in the moment that I said I won’t anymore, I stretched and tried again even when the friendship seemed to end, the roads changed to highways and I walked on alone but I never saw you watching I just assumed I was on my own, feeling sorry for myself, because my companionship was gone, but we are not intended to walk out here by ourselves, money doesn’t bring contentment, friendship is the greatest wealth, networks of people connected for a common goal, they walked around Jericho and they watched the walls unfold, one can set 1000 enemies fleeing 2 ten thousand so the bible says, we are like the sands so our impact would be quite something else when like links of a chain we connect, we are bound in strength the difference we can make, united on a journey, miles we will travel when, we pick up another stranger and they become a friend, a nation of friendship begins when two souls decide to connect, and peaks and valleys attempt to part them but chain that bonds refuses to play in regret, so even though some days it feels like tug of war, I will be there to pull you thought till we all stand at Heavens Door, it begins with one.. are you the one, you matter. .

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