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Guest Dr. Sonya Shuler Okoli

#1 College Planning Book for Black Families

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Guest Dr. Sonya Shuler Okoli



Former Chief Academic Officer & College Dean tells it all. Because after all, you can't plan for what you don't know~


Let's face it, everyone’s looking for a sure-fire way to get that baby through school and into a "good" college. Just think about how many times you’ve witnessed a high-five by moms & dads who found the best summer camp or placed a final offer in a top-rated school district or even got wait listed at one of the most prestigious preschools in town. 

Parenting for College, is THE inspirational indispensable blueprint every family must have. Former College Dean of Academics, Dr. Sonya provides prescriptive, easy-to-follow, parent friendly language suitable for the whole family. By providing proactive strategies that will not just drop your student off at getting into college! This book features “how-to advice on maneuvering high grades to future majors and much more including:

  • Navigating K-12 to ATTRACT prestigious “academic” programs. 
  • Identifying the APPROPRIATE top college.
  • How to AVOID student loan debt.

Step-by-step, from early learner to college student, you now have the map to get your family traveling in the right direction. Because after all, there AIN’T nothing more powerful than a parent with ALL the tricks of the trade down to a science! 


Author Name: Dr. Sonya Okoli
Book Title: Parenting for College
ISBN: 978-0-578-51629-5
Publication Date: August 2019
Publisher: Willow Tree Books
Interested in Review: YES please!

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