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Migrating to the New Thumper's Corner

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Though I have not formerly annouced it yet (still working through some issues); this, the new Thumper's Corner discussion board is ready for use now!

I hope that;

  1. The people who regularly posted on the old board continue to post on the new board
  2. Some new blood will be injected in the conversation
  3. People will take advantage of the new features benefical; including the Social Network capability, Events Calendar, Blogs, Facebook Connect, Gallery, etc.

People can now sign into Thumper's Corner using their Facebook accounts. However you can still create your own login if you want to posts under alter ego.

Before the end of the month (perhaps with in the next week) I will lock the old discussion Thumper's Corner Discusision Baord down. The old posts will remain, but new Thumpers corner conversation will have to be made here, on the new Thumper's Corner.

In a day or two, I will email everyone (about 650 people) who has an active account on the old Thumper's Corner and invite them to join us here.

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Well I decided to disable the old discussion board Sunday evening, January 17th, 2010.

I worked out of the functionality bugs here that I identified.

I sent everyone who had an active account an email describing the upgrade and relocation. I also send a notice to all of the members of the AALBC.com facebook group. That is about 1,300 people.

I'll also mention it in the next newsletter, which will be mailed by the end of the month; and go to over 17,000 subscribers.

I know some people are in all three of those group so please forgive the bombardment smile.gif

You know, after 8 years on the old discusison board I never did figure out how to put a smiley face icon in one of my posts

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