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Requesting A Book Review: Upcoming Release

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Guest A J -Thirty-threePages.com

Greetings, Thirty-three Pages is proud to announce the upcoming release of LAND OF THE BLACK SQUIRRELS, which is Book One of the BRONX BOHEME series by Mwalim.


Publish Date: February 4, 2020
Publisher: Thirty-three Pages
Page Count: 264
Price: $15.95 USA
Formats: Trade Paperback & Digital
ISBN: 9780966242829
LCCN:  2019936511
Distributor: Ingram Content Group
Genre: Fiction/ African American
Master storyteller, Mwalim weaves a vibrant and epic Hip-Hop Jazz folktale about the 
spirit that dwells within the jazz clubs, art galleries, performance spaces, and warehouse 
lofts transformed into underground dance clubs of New York City. 
Our tale begins in 1969, when Black squirrels began to appear in the Bronx. Obatunde Bey -a jazz musician and painter- leaves his desk job at the New York City Parks Department to open an arts academy in his Northeast Bronx neighborhood, “The Valley”. Little did he know that his art house would quietly become the launch-pad of an underground arts movement.LOTBS+Book+Cover+PR.jpg?format=300w

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