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This. Beauty. Is. A. Beast!!!

harry brown

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Dark. And. Lovely,  She. Is. On . The. Prowl..  When. She. Sees. Her. Prey,She. Begins. To. Howl.  .  Enchanting. Smile, And. Captivating. Eyes...  Fangs   Behind Her. Teeth ,  A. Savage. Beast. Inside...  At  Night,Men  She. Captured  In  Her  Snare.  .  Beneath  The  Moonlight,Erotic  Love  Making  With  Her ,  They  Share.  Then  The,Men. Begin  Shrieking  ,Blood Curdling  Scream,  ,As  She,Transform,Into  A  Beast.  Beneath  The  Moonlight. ,Upon  Their,Bodies  She  Will  Joyfully, , Feast!!!....

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