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Make time for you!


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Feed the children. Put them to bed. Cleaning often relaxes me.

It stays clean for more than a few moments when they are sleeping.

I Kiss those small heads. I then paint out my frustration with a glass of wine, or write a bit of poetry to calm my mind.

Perhaps plan my day knowing the kids and God have a say,

Maybe cook a little. Or sit and in silence I pray. I take care of myself that's the bottom line.

I give my self some real love, I make the time.

Light a candle, seek direction and strength to push on,

turn off all the distractions including the phone. I reevaluate my decision and shut out all the noise.

I watch my children sleeping that too brings me joy.

I look at what was knowing I've Grown.

I thank God for the quiet and peace and just sit all alone.

Dedicated to my daughters

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