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Commitment: Can I get you to make me a promise? Can I get you to see passed the undertaking of my hearts desires?

I promise you love and devotion, which by today’s society is far from the norm.  In becoming attentive to the needs of others, one can cause self-harm.

My loyalty is more than the trust that I extent to the dedication called us.  

Faithfulness is the underdog of fidelity when adherence is no longer a must.

My resolve said you are worth the time sacrificed, but do I take what is given at the cost of a life.

We were supposed to walk as one, an allegiance standing its ground, refusing to retreat.

However the bond that brought us back to heel was a facility to the pain, which was real.

Your pledge an oath told to the old that promised fairytales to the very young, was the contract that promised mystic retreats had me rethinking the pact that you had made with me.

So many decisions were made back then and I was amazed you consider me a friend.  

I guaranteed you me at the cost of them, not contemplating the contract end. The resolution was supposed to bring me peace of mind but is was only affirmation of a kinder time when you could feel me in the breeze of the night and the vows we made said we’d be alright.

Yet reality has a way of creeping in with no assurance of where ties begin.

It is only a burden when duty pressures an engagements end, and the arrangements made were to consider the obligation of a lifelong friend.

Never the less, here we sit hand in hand with the future untold.

We considered the undertaking that was pressed upon us, and welcomed the moment we both got old.

The memories that we would never rewrite because in the commitment we learn to fight. Those fights made us bold, and in them we learned to stay beyond the words and pain, the commitment to the future that we never thought we’d see, still makes me think this way.

  A committed friend.  


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