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The Oldest Black-Owned Websites

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Honestly, don't know if these are the oldest Black-owned websites.  They are the oldest ones in my database of 300+ websites, which by my reckoning, is as good a source as any for this information.  Of course it you are aware of a site I've missed please be sure to tell me.  I'm mostly interested in larger content rich websites, not the site of an individual blogger, but if there is a Black blogger out there who has been be producing content for 20, 25 years or longer, on the same domain, I'm DEFINITELY interested in that writer.  


That said Howard University sites will be 30 years old next year -- that is ancient by web standards.  Today I teach a college course in web design, most of my students were born after I started AALBC -- Howard's site is 8 years older than AALBC! 


Howard's domain was created a year before the web was made commercially available, so as a university they have an unfair advantage when comparing domain age to commercial entities.


The Source is the oldest commercial website and is currently 26 Years, 1 Months). I'm actually trying to determine if the site is Black owned.  I know the magazine was started by two white kids while students at Harvard, but the site appears to be owned by the Northstar Group whose owner ship is unclear to me.  I've reached out to them to confirm ownership. 


The Network Journal's 25 year old website is the oldest confirmed-Black-owned, continuously running, website that I know of -- if is even older than the NY Times website.  I know the owner of this site.  In addition to running a website for 25 years they have been published a Magazine even longer.  The Brother, Aziz Gueye Adetimirin, president of The Network Journal Communication, is a keen businessman!


The Oldest Black-Owned Websites

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