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Look for Books Dealing with Colorism


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While researching this subject I found this video which discusses Wallace Thurman's novel The Blacker the Berry. It is interesting how Black families -- like my own -- where family members are all colors of the human skin color spectrum from passing for white to being blue black.  The video below discusses Thurman's novel and colorism in general.



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One of the books that was suggested (via Facebook, SMH) was Other People’s Skin: Four Novellas by Tracy Price-Thompson and Taressa Stovall.  Elizabeth Atkins, a contributor to the book, said colorism is more of an issue for Women, because women are judged more on their appearance than men.  That is probably true, but I bet a dark skinned Black man -- especially a big one -- would probably disagree. These Brothers in just treated worse on every level -- especially by the criminal justice system.


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