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Discussion Forums are Back Up


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In the 22 years of running a discussion forum.  I have never had two outages which have lasted more a day in three month period.


The Details

On Saturday afternoon while waiting for a flight I decided to upgrade the discussion forum's website software using my cell phone.  Now a few years ago this would have been unthinkable, but today I can do quite a bit from my cell phone -- even some development. 


Unfortunately, during the upgrade my firewall halted the upgrade because it did not recognize my IP Address -- a great security measure, which requires me to whitelist the IP address I'm currently using. The problem is my cell phone, for some reason, would not properly display the screen which would allow me to whitelist the ip address I was currently using, so the upgrade could not be completed until I got back home and get technical support from the vendor.


Sometimes I feel like the effort to keep this forum running is really not worth it... most people really do prefer the big corporate social media sites.  I see successful forums like Lipstick Alley doing well so it gives me hope.    


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