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Ultimate goal in Vodun from a Kilombonu (maroon) perspective

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The ultimate goal is to be practical. In Vodun we use these cycles, rituals, gatherings and so forth to make our lives better and to facilitate the destruction to our eternal enemy, the caucasian. When, for example, we go sit with our ancestors at their shrine, we ask for the destruction of caucasian culture while at the same time looking for the preservation and safety of our people. We ask for this when we summon the hun and other spirits. African culture in general is full and developed. This means there are methods used to maintain harmony in times of peace, and methods used for the destruction of our enemies (caucasians, sellout African people, i.e. traitors, kwk). This innerstanding was key to the success of the Ayitian liberation struggle (Haitian revolution). We must never forget that African culture is not about intellectual  grandstanding but about action and using the various methods available to improve our lives, increase our innerstanding, hold each other accountable and deliver justice when needed. 


The post I made about Hu is a prime example. For us in Vodun, we recognize certain activities that should be done and others that should be avoided with regard to certain cycles. So these cycles affect and modify our behavior and thinking. This is the true purpose of culture. This also teaches us patience in various ways. So we don't simply sit around and talk about these concepts, we put them into action on a daily basis and we check each other to make sure we are acting on what we know we need to do. This teaches discipline. This is just food for thought. 

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