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  1. Now that we have talked a little about the nature of salawa, let's talk about the concept of maroonage. First, I'd like to make clear that the principles of salawa and the importance of good character are not only relevant for maroons but for all Africans in general. No matter where African people are born, no matter the circumstance, we all should recognize good character as a cornerstone of our existence. African culture in its purest form teaches this in ways that are designed for the success of African people globally, we just have to show the interest in reclaiming our birthrigh
  2. The ultimate goal is to be practical. In Vodun we use these cycles, rituals, gatherings and so forth to make our lives better and to facilitate the destruction to our eternal enemy, the caucasian. When, for example, we go sit with our ancestors at their shrine, we ask for the destruction of caucasian culture while at the same time looking for the preservation and safety of our people. We ask for this when we summon the hun and other spirits. African culture in general is full and developed. This means there are methods used to maintain harmony in times of peace, and methods used for the destru
  3. I want to thank those who have been reaching out in response to the first post about salawa looking for more information. We've gotten some emails but I encourage you all to go ahead and join this forum in spite of the interactions you saw with other members. It will be good to see a healthy and positive dialogue on the subject of Vodun. I'm still working on part 2 but it's taking longer than I thought because of my schedule and because it's a little more involved than part one. I'm working on it though. On to this post's topic. The sciences of studying the cosmos and
  4. I almost fell for it. Dude is trying to deflect from the information. It almost worked. May people with an open African mind see the real on this thread. Ase.
  5. Y'all little "discussion" was lightweight and was talking about things I was studying as a teenager. But it's real deep to y'all. Your lame attempts to clown only show the buffoon that you are and your significant level of immaturity. In addition to obviously being inaccurate, do you really think that acting like a fool garners respect? And if anyone does respect that sort of childishness then, wow. I have posted the facts regarding Ganlodo and people with good minds can see what's what. It seems you forget, your opinion means nothing to me. An interview I did of the Axos
  6. You certainly can't put AFRICAN culture on like clothing. But you wouldn't know about that. It is funny tho how you still try to talk about Ifa in a vacuum as you did. You certainly are no authority on what is legit and what is not when it comes to African culture. However it is natural for an African to be African. Even if they were cut off thru captivity, the blood is still there and connects us to the deities of our people and most importantly, our ancestors. In Yoruba culture we say "Orisa bi Egungun ko si." So if Africans are truly receptive to their non sellout ancestors, they'll end up
  7. First of all, you can't really speak to what I "took to." You say astrology like it's so legit. Wow. Ok. Once again that's a european term with a cosmology that is european in origin. Evidenced by, for example, your european name for the planets. It hasn't entered my soul? What are you talking abou? There you go again speaking with certainty about something you're totally clueless about. And no those systems are not connected to African ones. And it seems that you are implying that the reason your "prediction" is off is because it's "difficult," to master, yeah ok. That's not why,
  8. *sighs* dude, I could correct you again but I won't even bother. Go ahead and have fun with astrology. Also, if y'all want to come on this thread and talk about a bunch of non African subjects, I can't stop you, but when you start mentioning west African culture, that's where I have to draw the line. Stay in your lane and over there in your love and reverence for things non African. But don't start speaking on the culture I live like you know what you're talking about. But that's the thing. Our people, in their confusion, like to profess knowledge on things they're actually ignoran
  9. Well, I don't know what "baba" you studied with who told you about Ifa but the fact that you describe the system in the way you do only shows that you don't really know the system. You can't read some stuff online, talk to some people, and think you have it figured out. With those other simpler, less complicated and non African systems you may be able to get away with that. But not with Ifa. You're asking about what astrology systems I've studied? Ok fine, tarot, book of doors, Oracle of Tehuti, Het-heru shep, things like that. I'll go with this though, I think I see how you're u
  10. I'm not aware of it? Lol dude I've been studying what you call Ifa for years. Those other system too. I'm actually initiated to Ifa. I never said I didn't know about the spiritual side of numbers. You said that and made certain assumptions. Astrology is child's play compared to Ifa. And once again, that word has european origin. Can't use it to describe African cosmology, although you seem to wish to force that. Once you get into the deeper aspects of it, African cosmology and non African are like apples and oranges. The former being far superior. Jesusneverexisted.com This w
  11. Not in terms of a link. Unless you want to totally discount the cosmology that has to be taken into account. At least as far as Ifa and I ching. Although Ifa is in a class by itself, at least i ching is also a divination system. Kabbalah is not.
  12. Ifa, qabbalah and I ching.... the last two have links but Ifa is a totally different ballgame and is not in any way linked to those. First of all, although Ifa is in a class by itself, I ching at least is also a divination system. Qabbalah however is not.
  13. This is for people with sense who might see this: We clearly explain what languages (Fon and Yoruba) we speak on our sites and we clearly state where our writing script (N'ko) comes from. So neither those languages or the script are made up. Some people don't know what reclaiming our culture means though. We haven't made up anything. Our Xotome is not fantasy and is acknowledged worldwide. The Axosu was fully and properly coronated according to Aja culture in 2010 by kingmakers from Benin. This is all there on the site. So for clarity, don't be fooled by cultural children who are D
  14. We haven't created our own alphabet and language. Dude you are off the chain with your misunderstanding Once again you have no idea what you're talking about. "You're far too caught up in yourself to lead or even influence anything other than the most desperate, desolate individuals." Ok, so if they don't think like you or accept your logic they're pawns? Yeah ok. I couldn't care less about what you think about me or what we do. Your "assessment" of my personality and communication skills only apply because I'm not telling you what you want to hear but I should remind you that your
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