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  1. Because of your statements on 64 hexagrams for I Ching, 256 for Ifa , and your equation that netted 32 for Kabbalah, I've been poking around the numerical aspects of this seeking some preliminary explanation for the past couple days. I've particularly focused on the number 4. It's funny because the first number I can remember ever being fascinated with was 2, because it is the only EVEN prime number. Mathematics is the only universal language in the universe. That why math, computer coding and Gematria have always fascinated me. But to answer your question, I've been a seeker since childhood. I talked about my experience with [potentially] the supernatural as a child in these forums. It convinced me that there is definitely more out there that is beyond our human comprehension. Or is it? My little sister and I, when we were as young as 6-7 years old, always used to talk about a "big bald-headed baby" that is just playing with us as his/her dolls, their action figures. As I got older, that "baby" evolved into a CPU that facilitates this potential human simulation. Are we even "real?" What is real? Religion, in my opinion, is a cop-out answer to these difficult, and perhaps unanswerable questions. Anyway, every question I have about "who am I" and "why am I here" is always answered by more questions. I do believe we learn the answers to at least some of these questions when our human bodies die. I've never been afraid of death because I'm curious as to what happens. But I also am not done studying this world, so I need a few more decades before I'm "ready" for death! :)
  2. I got suspended from school my junior year in high school for writing about this, via Elijah Muhammad's teachings. Your theory is very similar. The goal of writing the paper was to discuss whether we created these Frankenstein's monsters that eventually got too smart and overtook us? Of course my white teachers and all those white kids didn't want to hear it. Wouldn't mind hearing your position on that. I'm working an article now that shows how these renegade Caucasians, if you will, are manufacturing humans today in similar fashion to how they were (allegedly) created 6000 years ago. They give kids Lupron, the "puberty blocker" drug, along with the opposite, artificial hormones, to create these "trans-people." Lupron was the third-most sold drug in the USA (made by AbbVie) in 2018, with nearly $900 million in sales. Further, the last three years, men (humans with penises and testicles; sad that has to be clarified) received 70% of all breast enhancement/implant surgeries in both Europe and the USA. You'll never hear about this in the USA. But many kids in Britain are complaining and even committing suicide in their late teens/early 20s because their parents chemically castrated them based on the kids' decision when they were 5-10 years old, obviously not old enough to make a decision like that. Regardless, these manufactured "trans-people" sure are gaining a lot of power really fast. Full circle? Funny how language and numbers always seem to intersect. @Delano talked about that multiples of four connection with I Ching, Ifa and Kabbalah. Diamonds only have artificial value because Caucasians are willing to pay millions for them, and they've been conditioned into our psyches as the stones of marriage (engagement rings). Diamonds have no other practical uses, unlike gold, silver and other precious metals. At the same time, these "diamond people" have killed so many of our people mining these things on the Continent. It's going to be a fun, interesting day of writing and research. EDIT: the article I'm writing is being ghostwritten for someone else so I won't be promoting it. But I have to add this to our discussion - many "jews" (elite Caucasians) today carry surnames with the roots "gold," "silver," or "stein" (meaning "stone"). And those demons sure love "diamonds" (stones).
  3. I don't know if you meant to open this Pandora's Box. But what do you mean "c[a]me into existence?" I could see how regular, melanated people hung around cold, mountainous regions in caves for generations and lost their pigmentation after a couple hundred years. But the way you worded this makes it sound like they were created (kind of E. Muhammad's theory) or they arrived from somewhere (demons)?
  4. Why did you allow this phuck boi to derail a good discussion? I'm still curious to hear about this. By the way you ever seen that video of "his royal majesty" @Àgɛ̀lògbàgàn calling @Azacotogan? LOL!
  5. Right. All those 1s and 2s. Four, of course, is divisible by both. Spirituality is apparently quite numeric. Didn't think this thread would actually become this interesting.
  6. The strategic use of black people by white imperialists to commence detrimental agendas is simply slavery. White imperial society knows our minds, bodies and souls like no other people on Earth. They have literally raped us, cut us open while alive for their fun torture entertainment, burned us alive, etc. They know our reactions to literally any and all imaginable human torture and manipulation. Obama introduced this homophile agenda because his Euro-Zionist masters knew it would work, and ordered him to do it. That alone, in my view, makes Obama just as evil as Adolph Hitler, who also was a tool of Zionists. Obama and his top lieutenants, Oprah and Tyler Perry, are killing black people in the most deliberate, evil manner. Damage is irreversible now too. How have black people stayed at only around 13% of the US population since the 1970s? No growth at all, yet ni**as are out here with 5-6 kids. I think the United States deliberately lowers the black population numbers. If black people knew we were in the 20-25% range of the US population, which may very well be accurate right now, that may give us the "devious" idea of uniting and voting for our true politics. They don't want us to know that we're still multiplying and growing despite their deliberate, wanton agenda to kill us - cops killing us, dumb nigro stuff in hoods, Planned Parenthood, school-to-prison pipeline, AIDS, etc. The homo agenda is Obama's mad scientist way of making black people voluntarily eliminate themselves from the planet. Obama will be forever lionized and protected in white supremacist society because he did his masters a huge solid. Killing Gaddafi helped Obama's rep among his masters even more. He did exactly what he wanted to do to black people.
  7. There is a significant connection to I Ching and Kabbalah because of the multiples of 4 pattern? Sounds like Gematria! 😀 What does 64 hexagram mean exactly? Just noticed something about the number four, now that you deliberately or otherwise pointed it out: Computers/video games run on computer architecture based on multiples of 4. 8 bits - original Nintendo Entertainment System 16 bits - Super Nintendo 64 bits - CPUs
  8. This is an interesting statement. Care to elaborate further on the I Ching link? Seems we civilized all Europeans. I'm not familiar with our connection to the people in the Caucasus Mountains. Since you called them "Jews," I assume you're talking about the Ashkenazis from Genesis 10:3-5, that is only in the King James Bible and eliminated from the other versions. The Israelis today claim to be Ashkenazis and the chosen people of God. But their own Torah (Old Testament) says they are "gentiles" in those aforementioned verses. Obviously the Greeks were civilized and taught basic societal rules by the Egyptians. Not much dispute about that among objective observers. You mind talking more about our journeys into the Caucasus? This is something that piques my interest. I've heard Minister Farrakhan talk about this, and read some of Elijah Muhammad's writings on this. I'm trying to draw a timeline to understand this better.
  9. This is just next-level Jay Z coonin here. We know he's the one behind this. I'm done with the NFL and I hope no black people ever buy merchandise or watch their broadcasts live on TV again. Hope the brothers playing in that league make as much money as they can in as few seasons as possible to preserve their health, retire, and take care of their families. All bad karma that comes the way of Jay Z and the NFL is deserved.
  10. Damn. I was trying to give you some credit for something. Guess there's nothing to really compliment. But you have created a fantasy monarchy with some Smurfy gangsta rules though!
  11. I'll let the brother @Pioneer1 respond to this. Your monarch ("his royal majesty" @Àgɛ̀lògbàgàn) apparently has time to create profiles and post on internet forums all day, arguing with "clowns" like me yesterday when your own rules say nobody talks to him without talking to you first. LOL! This is just some straight nigga sh*t, man. I admire that you're seemingly trying to create your own language and alphabet. That's cool. You just lack communication skills and have a terrible personality. You're far too caught up in yourself to lead or even influence anything other than the most desperate, desolate individuals. I noticed you removed the "like" from your monarch for your post below, in an effort to make the coordinated (one or two man) effort look less suspicious. I'll give you an A for effort. Again, good luck with your hustle. It has some cool features, especially the alphabet and language.
  12. This text comes straight from your website. There are no other instances on the entire internet (other than AALBC now that you've placed it here and other stuff you've written) where the words "azacotogan" and "àgɛ̀lògbàgàn" appear together in the same piece of content. Guess that's just a coincidence though. For real, man. Stop trying to insult intelligent people. Good lord! But I guess I'm not allowed to talk to àgɛ̀lògbàgàn without talking to you first though, according to your website!
  13. Just to show you that I'm a good guy trying to look out for you and don't want you to make anymore of a fool of yourself, make certain you don't say something like "I thought you weren't going to respond to me anymore" when you post under your other profile @Àgɛ̀lògbàgàn. Remember, you said these two profiles are not controlled by you. Try and make the content from each profile distinguishable, or just admit they are both you. Trying to help you keep your lies straight and get your hustle off the ground, mayne.
  14. You really need to get over yourself. This whole shtick of yours depends on blind submission to your ideology and sermons; only then you consider someone respectable. I guess that's cool. But you're going to have to find people willing to be demeaned, belittled and ordered around by a random guy with a Youtube page. You should emulate Dr. Umar Johnson. He built a following that still donates money to him daily despite everyone now knowing he ran off with $1 million of their money and now lives in his car, posting daily Youtube videos soliciting donations. His followers don't mind being insulted and belittled; and they still donate money to him. But he at least was/is a charismatic speaker who spread a lot of valuable info. This seems to be your goal. But you're going to have to build a reputation over several years first to get away with insulting people's intelligence like you're doing herein, and expect anyone to listen. Try some other forums with less sophisticated members. I promise this is the last time I'll respond to you. I don't want to discourage whatever your goals are.
  15. You're just full of crap, dude. In your other thread, you said you were an African American, a Descendant of American Slavery, when asked directly. You quickly exposed your own lie, reversed course, and now say you're from (somewhere in) Africa teaching us lost, stupid negroes in America how to be intellectual. You destroyed your own credibility with an unnecessary lie. One thing we are accustomed to is the preacher persona. You have a lot of work to do if you want your hustle to work, though. Just trying to help.
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