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harry brown

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In. Black. Communities,When Will Black. Men. Unite And. ,Bring,Purpose,  And. Self. Determination? To. Black. Boys,,When. Will,Black. Men. Unite. And. Be. A. Up!during. Insoiration?  When  Will,Black  Men  Embrace  Black  Spirituality ,Stop  Embracing ,White,Supremacy  Christianity,That  Has  Black  People  In  Spiritual,Bondage  And  Slave  Mentality?  Answer,When  The  ,Black,Man. Mind  Is  Free. When  Will  Black  Men. Come  ,Together,With   Ideas  And  Solutions. To  End  The  Self  Segreation,Self,Genocide. Chaos And. Confusion? When. Will. ,Black,Men And Black. Women. Stand. Together Shouting ,,Umoja ,,Swahili For. Unity? Answer When The. Black. Man. Mind. Is. FRee...

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