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Tales From The Outskirts Of Life: Tuesday Lover

Guest Herbert Harris

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Guest Herbert Harris

I am interested to getting this book reviewed.

Author : B. K. Sunshine

Title: Tales From The Outskirts Of Life: Tuesday Lover

ISBN13: 978-1-890199-10-4

Pub. Date: April 28, 2020


Recently divorced business entrepreneur Justin Allen arrives in Columbus, Ohio seeking to make a fresh start in his business and in his life. His last wife had taken his money, his pride, and his manhood.

 The first time he sees Dr. Olivia Davis, wife, mother of three, and first female head of surgery at Columbia General Hospital, he feels a connection and a hunger to get to know her in every possible way.

Under the guise of becoming a business associate, Dr. Davis also has a need for something new, exciting, sensual and sexual. She sets the trap. Justin walks in - eyes closed - pants open. They know it is wrong, but the physical attraction is too strong. The hunger to touch, to feel, to taste, to smell, to explode, to release is insatiable.

Every Tuesday, Justin and Olivia spend four hours reaching for sexual gratification that lovers who have no boundaries can embrace and indulge. Justin was in love. Olivia was in lust for her Tuesday lover.

Justin, with his re-ignited sexuality, becomes somewhat of a player. Amber, a tall, lean tender young lady, sparked his interest, loved his stories and worldliness. She gives him a run for his money, as an eager 23 year old who wants to taste and experience every sensation that older men fantasize about doing to a young woman who wants to prove that she can hang.

One fateful day, when Olivia was leaving the motel after a session with her Tuesday lover, everything changed. Walking down the stairs from their motel room, Olivia sees her husband George Davis, walking by himself, down the opposite stairs of the same motel.

George and Olivia saw each other and said nothing - ever. Justin didn't know it, but this event would change his life forever.

Olivia knew that when a cheater is caught, secrets are revealed that bring out the worst in people. Payback comes in many forms. Olivia has to pay with her body - taken at will by one who does not care. Given on demand to one she cannot not refuse.

Olivia's journey to the truth takes many turns, from suspicion to obsession -- from taking to being taken.

In the final analysis, things don't just happen - they happen just. Olivia and Justin are so committed to the carnal pleasures of total orgasmic expression that they don't care about the hurt and harm they cause to others.

These Tuesday lovers, through their Tuesday loving, expose themselves to a surprise that can change their lives forever, and even exact the ultimate price.

As Justin says, when he leaves Olivia for the last time: "God don't like ugly."



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No shade to this book, which I'm sure will do great.............

However I'm trying to figure out the psychology behind why so much sexual activity in this society revolves around "sneaking around"?
What is is about lying and "cheating" that turns so many people on?


I've decided to start a thread on the subject to get other views on why this is:


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