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Ouch! A One Star Review

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During this episode of "Critical Reviews," award winning radio host Clyde "Clapback" Johnson examines a one star review of the short story "Emergency Alert: An Immersive Novel." Will he challenge the critic and call for a review of the reviewer who submitted the review?!




Immerse yourself...

Screen Shot 2020-05-13 at 7.56.17 PM.png

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For the sake of ease of visitors, @O.W. Showe, I decided to embed your "review of your review " below. 


Having published more than 1,000 books reviews over the years I have published my fair share of unfavorable book reviews. Some authors react as if I have murdered their first child there are a couple of authors who give me shade for an unfavorable review I published -- though they never admit it (I could be wrong but I doubt it).


One guy took a negative review I published and ran with it. Used it to draw more attention to his work.


Now if I were to review, your review, of your review. It would be helpful to know where the review was published. 



Embedding youtube video shared above (for the same reasons).  I like the Youtube version better 🙂





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@Troy (super humbled).


 The actual location for the review is detailed in the video at the at the 0:17 and 2:15 markers. No mention of the website from me, that's free marketing. *zips lips and tosses the keys


Also, thank you for the embed heads up, I'm a newbie! 


-One Woman Showe (or just O.W.) 🤣

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Yeah I would not link to the website either.  Honestly, I wouldn't even worry about the one star review I doubt many people will read it as the site does not get very much traffic.  I would focus on the positive reviews written by platforms that have an audience.


The orange hump in traffic was due to paid advertising.  Don't be swayed by the large number of backlinks 95% of them come from a single website! 



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Ouch! Fortunately, I planned for the backlash of "traditionalists" by bringing them into the story, one way or another. Hence, they will become forever immortalized within the marketing strategy of Emergency Alert. 🤫 That's the beauty of releasing a two-part e-book series, one would imagine. Heck, a reference to this post may find its way into the final chapters. 🤭


Regardless, the due diligence is much appreciated and I learned something new in Logic while creating the track, so no worries over here. 

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