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The fundamental of life

Guest Ldvirtue

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Guest Ldvirtue

The fundamentals of living: who decides? The basic principles that govern the rudimentary manner in which we walk through life. It seems so simplistic when we look out beyond the eyes birth to us as we create a rational that determines what is acceptable. It is quite elemental when you step all the way back to the moment of birth and use your primitive thoughts before behavior is rehearsed, it is a primordial illusion of what we are taught as correct, being forbidden to inquiry as to that cardinal rule, this is why we stumble through life questioning what is best.

It is a foundational notion to the original plan. We do our best to comprehend but we fail to understand

We recognize the words stolen, and strung together to mimic thoughts, it is the principal of living, when  found essential to time that has been  lost. It was the prime intention of the moment to secure the pivotal   belief that lead the way, a first step whispered in the dark loudly pushing the imagination witch is vital to the unconscious mind that loses a bit more of the description every day

They were the key to the castle although the door they never found, it was organic once they noticed. it was not what they heard but what they felt that keep them standing around. it was necessary to their growth to initiate a plan, they wanted only to know the fundamental of living, why must we die before life become a friend.  

The underlying facts like fog to the brain are ideals inherent and detailed comes to usher in some sort of change, it is more than heritage that makes us the same.  It is a structural need to assimilate that keeps us just a mark from those insane. Trying to fit into your cookie cutter point of view, where everyone is everyone while the fallout sends shock waves to that perplexed part of you.

Well still the question remains unanswered, and it hurts to the core of me, what fundamentals are mine or are they all ingrained by the consequences that surround the day I came to be,

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