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The Side effects of living


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The Side effects of living, there are more than words can convey. Living comes with so many unanswered questions.  There are many things to say. Just to contemplate them all brings on monumental stress. The right to breath is a consequence in the moment you are born. We crawl walk and somehow begin to run, it is the hit or miss in life’s torrid tropic storms and I am not speaking to the crusade but to the description of the excursions aftermath. While I am observing  the side effects then I ask myself am I prepared for any of that, so what is that; but loving, opening your mind, hoping for real beliefs, foregoing the sublime, the exhale and the inhale coupled with  the rising norm. Where the oblivious is the portrayal that cradles what we fear will do the most harm, coughing and sweating, to lack taste or the ability to see, it is confusion at its greatest so not clear to me, to push us and pull us, check my pulse, and ask how we feel. Blotchy skin, red swollen eyes, and are we able to hear, rapid heartbeats, racing thoughts, irrational thinking, are but a few, these are the side of effects of living, and they all accompany my thoughts of you. Tears and chaos, moments owned and then released, shaky hands and concrete heavy feet, constipations of the heart, with diarrhea of the mind, sitting up while standing it makes no sense half the time, it is was medically a remedy of all I thought should be a side effect of living, but am I living when I can’t breath?

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