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One Race


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Race there is but one,  we all dwell here on this place we named earth, we all inhabit her nooks and crannies while she hurts, she cries out as she is being pulled apart at the seams as she is lost by the occupants that live as tenants of a population that fights a single dream, which is

A single race of people is what we are, yet we battle for supremacy only inflicting pain, and the world bears the scars. We all are in pursuit of the same things like, our right to breath, we all have the same dreams, and we all have the selfsame needs,

We need to be necessary and we need to be loved. We are a nation of people trying to be detached from the above. We are a tribe that longs to be understood. These rules they divide God’s children, when nothing on this world should.

However, it is difficult when you are taught from birth to death that a shade of skins will determine the outcome of your life, determine your worth, tell others your destiny; we know that it is not right. When hate is publicized and egged on and hope is ostracized and forgiving becomes the sin, and we say hell no to compromise. When up is down, and down is up and good goes straight to hell, how do we bridge that gap? What will this lesson tell?

We all are residents chasing down the battle to be in control, failing to realize that control is a indescribable illusion that embraces the status quo, the competition is not for me to be better than you, we do better when we fight in pairs, that  number starts at two,  then comes three and four. When we find what we have in command and fall to our knees to pray it is when we learn that we are more alike. As human’s we are the same. 

One Race

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