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Take Down White "Jesus" Too!

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Shaun King: ‘Statues of the White European They Claim is Jesus Should Also Come Down’


The recent spate of statues of historically known racists or those engaged in racist behavior being removed, toppled and/or desecrated, has caused King to also call for the removal of statues of a Euro-centric Jesus Christ. For years, the skin tone and color of Jesus have been in dispute based on the origin of his roots.












Shaun is spot on with this observation.

It's been known for decades that the images of Jesus and even  God being depicted as a Caucasian man has being one of the most effective tools of racism as it burns the idea of Caucasians being divine and god-like into the subconscious of many people of color who grow up around those images.

However, I suspect that if people DO start smashing and knocking down those images of Caucasians that have been LABELED as "Jesus".....some of the protesters may end up making more enemies than they expected.

Infact,  I suspect many of the female protesters of color will be adamantly  against this campaign.




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