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Black. Men. Hunted. Like. Prey !

harry brown

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4th. Of. July. Day. Begins.  College. Student. Zaire. Walking. Knows-Racist White. Police. Are. Hunting. Black. Men.  Coming. Down. The. -Street. A. Police. Car. He. Sees.   Like. Prey.   Escaping. Predators. He-Quickly. Flees..  Coming. Down. The.  Street. Racist   White  Police -Creep.  Zaire  Watches Them   Hiding    behind  Bushes   And   Trees.-He- Knows  If  Seen  He  Can   Be  Shot   Or   Held   Upon   The  -Ground .-With  Racist  White  Police  Ignoring  Him    Saying   I   Cannot   Breath- Until  He. Has. No. Sound..  Racist.  White. Police. Creeping. By. He-Watches.  Them.  Racist. White. Police. Sadistic.  Evil.  Equals.  The -Worlds. Poisonous. Snakes. Venom. When. Zaire.  Is. Convinced. The -Racist. White. Police.  Are. Gone.  He. Comes. Out .  Knowing. That,They-And. Others. Like. Them.  Will. Again.  Come. He. Has. No. Doubt......

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