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Guest Chaplain B


In the current culture of hashtags, there is one hashtag that has been trending long before the invention of the computer.  The hashtag, #WhiteLiesMatters was the brainchild of the British Elites who set up the first laws for the Plantation Colonizers that became the United (divided) States of America.  #WhiteLieMatters is the bedrock of America’s Empire where pale-skinned people make billions of dollars in revenue from the laws that they instituted to destroy the Indigenous people personhood and communities.  Indigenous Americans or Black people have always been the main target of the laws of White Supremacy.  Our Ancestors were the benchmark by which the vitriol of White Supremacy began in this country.  This is the same energy that the country has reverted back to.  It is time we embrace the fact that we are in an all-out “Race War” for our survival as a cultural ethnic group.   The laws of this country from the federal to the state and the local were crafted to destroy our communities, our business and our lives from the power structures that fed and continues to feed the barbaric psyche of White Supremacy.  The foundation of White Supremacy is rooted in lying, cheating and stealing, by which the actions are carried out by killing, stealing and destroying.  There has never been a time in this country’s history when these character traits have not been the root of the hateful acts of domestic terrorism against our communities of black families, black men and black boys.  Since the United Stated established itself as a country most of its laws have been ‘against’ the advancement of the traditional Indigenous American families, or Black people as a political ethnic group. This is still the case in 2020.  The Supreme Court recently insulted the legacy of our Ancestors by granting ‘protected rights’ to some ‘whites’ and ‘white-Hispanic under the Civil Rights Act of 1964.   The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was initially set up to protect Black families, although this law has used to protect white women and every political ethnic group other than the traditional Black family.  The Courts have been masterful in ‘leap-frogging’ ALL other ethnic and political groups above the rights of Indigenous Americans or Black families.  The traditional Indigenous Americans or Black families are the ONLY ethnic group that have fought the system of White Supremacy to become fully human and full citizens in this country from the country’s inception.  COLONIAL LAWS (DIVIDE AND CONQUER) EXAMPLE OF LAWS

We are the ONLY Cultural Ethnic group that the political systems (the Democrats and the Republicans) have been hell-bent on keeping us at the bottom of the United States casted system.  In the same week the Supreme Court granted protected rights to the LGBTQ group, many who are White and White-Hispanic, they granted protection to illegal immigrants.  Whereas, black men who have been incarcerated more than any of ethnic group in this country and who are citizens in this country still cannot vote.  Just a few days ago the black male who was targeted in Central Park by #WhiteLiesMatter decided that he was not going to co-operate with the authorities in the state of New York. According to Harper’s Bazaar, who quoted the birdwatcher’s statement from the New York Times where he stated “On the one hand, she’s already paid a steep price.  That’s not enough of a deterrent to others?  Bringing her more misery just seems like piling on.  So if the DA feels the need to pursue charges, he should pursue charges. But he can do that without me.” Instead of standing up to a system of White privilege, Mr. Cooper decided to opt out of the process.  Mr. Christian Cooper, the bird-watcher failed to realize that the lie Karen Cooper told when she made that call to the police was never about him.  That call was the pathology and behavior pattern that has been carried out against BLACK men, BLACK boy, and Black community for more than two centuries.  After reconstruction, #WhiteLiesMatter became the go to whenever white rage thirsted for blood was unleashed.  The Black families became the targets of domestic terrorist lynch mobs, riots and massacres.  Next year will be one hundred years since the Greenwood Community in Tulsa, OK was destroyed by #WhiteLiesMatter.  The date was May 30, 1921, when an Indigenous American (Black man) Dick Rowland, 19 year old was riding in the elevator in the Drexel Building on Third and Main with 17 year old Sarah Page.  “A rumor” about what might had happened to Sarah Page was enough for the white mob to gather and by the next morning on June 1, 1921 the Greenwood community had been destroyed.  It was reported that the white mob were deputized and given weapons by the city officialswhere they killed the citizens of the Greenwood community.  The White mob destroyed a community where there had been two newspapers, a school, a library, a hospital, churches, hotels, stores and many other black-owned businesses. History.com.  

Deep Greenwood (Tulsa), Oklahoma (1906- ) •


Nearly two years later #WhiteLiesMatter was the catalyst for the destruction of the Rosewood community in Central FL.  The date was January 1, 1923 when it was rumored that a white woman, Fannie Taylor had been sexually assaulted by a black man in her home in the nearby community.   Rosewood like Greenwood was a predominately black town.  Rosewood was established in 1846 by blacks and white, but by the 1890s the white families had moved and settled in nearby Sumner.  “The incident was reported to Sheriff Robert Elias Walker with Taylor specifying that she has not been raped.” The truth has never mattered when white rage is unleashed. History.com. This country’s history of allowing #WhiteLiesMatter to go unpunished is changing.  I would add, the change has been two centuries too late for the lives and communities that were were destroyed by #WhiteLiesMatter.    

Rosewood Massacre - Image Results


With the invention of the cellphone and other means of communicating, White Supremacy will be challenged to do more than paint a slogan on the ground, carry a banner, march in the street, or say sorry.  Those dogs are not going to hunt anymore.  Following the bird-watcher Incident in New York, the state of California introduced legislation called the CAREN Act, Caution Against Racially Exploitative Non-Emergencies Act to make it legal to Sue for radicalized false reporting to the police.  The question that has been raised is why aren’t we prosecuting them? #WhiteLiesMatter is a hate crime against the traditional Indigenous American family or Black family.  Historical documented records have shown that the United States legal system is based in White Supremacy, particularly against black men and boys when it comes to the justice.  Eight years after Rosewood was destroyed, there was a case against nine black youths. The case was known as The Scottsboro Boys.  The incident happened on March 25, 1931 when the teenagers were accused of raping two white females aboard a Southern railroad freight train in Northern Alabama.  Their names were Haywood Patterson 18, Olen Montgomery 17, Clarence Norris 19, Willie Roberson 15, Andy Wright 19, Ozzie Powell 15, Eugen Williams13 Charley Weems 19 and Roy Wright 12 who were searching for work. They were convicted and sentence to death.  Despite ample evidence that they were innocent, eight of the nine were found guilty.  The judge granted Roy Wright, the youngest of the group a mistrial because of his age, despite the recommendation of the all-white jury. The case was overturned by the Supreme Court in 1932.  Later 287 U.S. 45 (1932) Case went to the Supreme Court in 1937 where the lives of the nine were saved in the Supreme Court case Patterson v. State of Alabama Norris v. State of Alabama.  Nmaahc.si.edu.     

Eighteen years later, #WhiteLiesMatter played out again in the lives of four black men in Lake County, FL.  The four men were Ernest Thomas, Charles Greenlee, Samuel Shepherd and Walter Irvin.  Ernest Thomas was killed by County sheriff Willis McCall on July 26 1949 during the search for the four. It was Ernest Thomas who convinced Charles Greenlee that he could find work in the county. Samuel Shepherd was a WW II veteran and the son of a prosperous local black farmer. Walter Irvin was also a WWII veteran. Although medical evidence didn’t show any signs of Padgett being rape, an all-white jury found the three men guilty.  In the PBS special about the case, the documentary detailed the race riot, torture, multiple murders, two trials and a Supreme Court reversal. According to the documentary the case helped to lay the foundation of the Civil Rights Movement. Blackpast.org.    

It was not long after the Groveland case that #WhiteLiesMatter targeted another black male.  The location was Money, MS where a 14 year-old Emmitt Till was abducted, brutalized and murdered.  The date was August 28, 1955.  Emmitt Till was a child who grew up in the middle-class neighborhood in Chicago, IL.  Back in 1955, that day was Sunday when Till was accused of whistling at Carolyn Bryant, a white woman who was a cashier at a grocery store. Four days later, Bryant husband Roy and his half-brother J.W. Milam kidnapped, Till, beat him and shot him in the head.  The men were tried for murder, but an all-white, male jury acquitted them. In 2017, Carolyn (a “CAREN” of her day) admitted to author, Timothy Tyson, that she lied about Till making advances toward her. Biography.com.    On April 19, 1989, there was an attack on a jogger in Central Park that led to the Arrest of Antron McCray, 15, Kevin Richardson, 15, Yusef Salaam, 15, Raymond Santana, 14 and Korey Wise, 16 on April 20, 1989.  These teenagers became known as the Central Park Five. The case became a flashpoint illustrating racial disparities and sentencing and the inequities at the heart of the criminal justice system.  Thirty-one years ago Donald Trumpwas a developer at that time.  He took out an ad in May 1989, with the headline, “Bring Back The Death Penalty. Bring Back Our Police!” History.com.    Donald Trump is still using the same inflammatory rhetoric that he used back then. For the people who are pretending to be ignorant of Trump hatred toward Indigenous Americans or Black people are lying.  One of the most powerful couples with strong ties to the Democratic Party are the Clintons who shared a picture with Donald Trump when he married his current wife, Melania. Neither of the two political parties in this country respect or care about Indigenous Americans or traditional Black Americans.  Black people are used as ‘chess pawns’ on the White Supremacy chess board in this country where the King-makers are the Republicans and the Democrats.  #WhiteLiesMatter loyalty is devoted to White Supremacy.  All other groups use the chess board strategies to gain access to power and privilege to the White Supremacy political structure.  The national white media has been very instrumental in the process of social engineering or conditioning the mindset of the American public to ‘demonize’ the mere existence or the presence of Indigenous Americans or Black people.  The American public have been conditioned so long until ALL ethnic groups, including many Black people automatically ‘assume’ guilt, to fear, or attach danger at the sight of Black people.  Other Ethnic groups have become proxies to benefit the system of White Supremacy whenever necessary.  Five years after the Central Park Five case, a woman in South Carolina operated in the behavioral pattern of #WhiteLiesMatter when she lied to steer the public into a frenzy.  Instead of crying rape, she lied to cover her own crime when she stated that a black man was the perpetrator.  The date was October 25, 1994, when Susan Smith reported that she had been carjacked in Long Lake, Union County, SC by a man who took her two small children in the backseat of her car. She said a black man took off with her car with her two young sons strapped in their car seats. Nine days later the nation discovered that Smith made a false report and in fact had driven her Mazda into the John D. Long Lake in order to drown her two children. History.com. Twenty-one years later after Susan Smith’s murder of her children, a Police Lieutenant from a small village in North Chicago used #WhiteLiesMatter to cover for his crime of money laundering.  On September 1, 2015 Michael Martinez. Police LT. Charles Joseph Gliniewicz was found shot dead in the village of Fox Lake IL, north of Chicago. Later it was reported that the officer had staged his own suicide and created an illusion that he had been murdered.  The report went on the state that Police LT Gliniewicz made a call from his radio at 7:52 that he was pursuing a trio on foot. Three minutes later, he requested backup. Radio communication dropped off. The backups arrived about 8:a.m and a few minutes later they found Gliniewicz dead, roughly 50 yards from his cruiser, police said. This was done to cover up his criminal activities according to TLA5 news, from CNN Wire. Although Black people made up less than 2% of the population of Fox Lake in 2015, the officer understood how to use language to garter a response to ‘assume’that the police should be trusted without critically thinking the through the situation.  #BlackLivesMatter as well as #WhiteLiesMatter are rooted and grounded in deception, dominance the destruction of the Black male leadership presence in the traditional Indigenous American family, or Black family.  

Iad2bfree@outlook.com, July 14, 2020.

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